Does Kyle Get Fired On Below Deck Med Season 8

Does Kyle Get Fired On Below Deck Med Season 8

Second Stew Kyle Viljoen started the charter season late because of his work visa being delayed to work in Genoa, Italy, on Below Deck Mediterranean season 8. He made up for lost time in stirring up drama, though. As soon as he arrived, along with Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo, he pitted his fellow South African against Natalya Scudder. When those two buried the hatchet, he started bullying and yelling at Jessika Asai by claiming she was talking badly about him behind his back. So, Does Kyle get fired on Below Deck Med season 8 after all his antics?

Kyle returned after working on superyacht Home while filming Below Deck Med season 7 alongside Captain Sandy Yawn and Natalya. Fans wanted Kyle fired that season, too, for his unprofessional outbursts directed at Natalya. He also constantly avoided work like he was alergic to it. He had to stop working twice, once due to a tooth ache. The second time, he claimed he sprained his ankle. He also pitted Natalya and former Cheif Stew Natasha Webb against each other, too. He ingratiated himself with Natasha, encouraing her pity party over cheating on her then-boyfriend with Chef Dave White.

Kyle also broke the rules by partying with charter guests and flirting with guest Frank Fay, who he was infatuated with. Meanwhile, Natalya was left in the lurch to pick up for the other two’s negligence on doing their jobs.

“I have ears, I have eyes. I hear you talk about of both sides of your mouth daily… Every situation, guess who’s the common denominator? I will put you on the dock so fast if you do not change… You’re screaming, your lack of respect, I won’t tolerate. I don’t want a person like you on board,” Captain Sandy says in the previews.

Does Kyle Get Fired On Below Deck Med Season 8?

On season 8, fans believe Kyle’s behavior only got worse. He’s attacked and talked about all three of the other interior crew members behind their backs. When he got called out for his ridiculous behavior towards Natalya and Jessika he collapsed near charter guests and claimed he was too dizzy to move, appearing to have a panic attack.

After the crew night out on episode eight, Kyle started to belligerantly yell at Frenchman Max Salvador. He then set his drunken sights on bashing Natalya, calling her life [bleeped] up. He then started yelling extremely loudly at her in front of the rest of the crew. It got so bad she had to sleep in a guest room.

Now fans are wondering if Kyle gets fired. Well, Below Deck Med season 8 spoilers point to Kyle getting fired by Captain Sandy. His co-stars at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas all had bad things to say about him, and even Captain Sandy hinted that she wasn’t impressed with him.

“Who’s Kyle,” Tumi said when asked about Kyle.

“I’m never anti-Kyle. What I am [standing for] is Kyle needs to correct himself. Sometimes — Kyle is an awesome humanbeing — he just doesn’t know when to close it. And sometimes I think he thinks he has to do that, maybe for TV, and he does it. Beacuse Kyle is a gentle soul and he means well. But his mouth just takes over, sometimes you’ve got to filter that. We don’t always have to say what we’re thinking,” Captain Sandy said in Las Vegas.

Natalya and Kyle also bickered on stage at BravoCon. So Kyle almost certainly gets fired on Below Deck Med season 8. One things for sure, the Below Deck fanbase dislikes Kyle.

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