Below Deck Med’s Jessika: Everything Fans Need To Know

Below Deck Med's Jessika: Everything Fans Need To Know

Superyacht Mustique on Below Deck Med season 8 is so large it requires four interior crew to keep up with housekeeping and serving the charter guests. Fourth stewardess Jessika Asai  is the the least dramatic of the interior crew. Although, she does start a boatmance with Bosun Luka Brunton. She also got in a fight with Kyle Viljoen, but fans blame him for bullying her and she did nothing wrong. Here’s everything fans need to know about Below Deck Med‘s Jessika.

“I find comfort in people. ‘Like, okay, who’s going to be my friend.’ I grew up in Hawaii. I was always at my best friends house. She was very much a leader. She’d be like, ‘Okay, we’re going to go to dinner. We’re going to do this, we’re going to do that,'” Jessika explained on episode one.

“Growing up with my stepdad, any time I would have an attitude or an opinion, he would shut me down. And because of that, I realized I caused more hurt to the family if I had my own opinion. Standing up for myself has been something I’ve had to learn as an adult and I’m still learning,” she explained on episode seven after getting pushed around by both Natalya Scudder and Kyle.

Jessika's husky dog Legend

Jessika’s husky dog Legend (Instagram).

Below Deck Med‘s Jessika: Age, Birthday, Yachting Jobs, Freinds With Heather From Below Deck Season 9, Tattoos

Below Deck Med season 8 star Jessika with her younger brother

Below Deck Med season 8 star Jessika with her younger brother (Instagram).

Jessika grew up in the town of Hilo, on Big Island in Hawaii. The island is well-known for its stunning turquoise waters and large volcanoes. Jessika’s birthday on May 16, which makes her zodiac sign is Taurus, explaining her loyal, down-to-earth personality. Jessika was age 26 while filming Below Deck Med season 8 in the summer of 2022, but she’s now 27.

According to Bravo, Jessika loves to sunbathe, workout, do pilates, and be around nature. She also enjoys taking care of her dog, Legend, and hanging out with her best friends. “I’m very flexible. I can do front and back flips,” Jessika told Bravo. She also has a few tattoos, including a moon on her one hand.

Jessika with her dad

Jessika with her dad (Instagram).

Jessika’s ethnicity appears to be at least half Japanese background, as her last name Asai is Japanese.

In fact, Jessika at one point said Below Deck season 9‘s Chief Stewardess Heather Chase was her best friend and they worked together on a superyacht back in 2018. They’re both from Hawaii and in the yachting industry, which apparently is a small world.

Below Deck season 9 star Heather Chase and Jessika hanging out together

Below Deck season 9 star Heather Chase and Jessika hanging out together (Instagram).

Heather and Jessika working as yachties together

Heather and Jessika working as yachties together (Instagram).

Jessika has over four years yachting experience, previously working on a superyacht with superstar actor Jamie Foxx aboard. She’s also served big celebrity rappers before when it was one of their birthdays.

Although Luka and Jessika hooked up on the show, they were just [bleep] buddies according to Jessika on the trailer. Their boatmance didn’t last off the boat, as Luka is with his longtime girlfriend Lorena Peach again, and Jessika appears to be singe on her Instagram. Her IG shows she loves to hang out by the beach and model bikinis when she isn’t working as a yachtie.

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