Below Deck Charter Guest Adam Sax Talks Rachel’s Spicy Food & More

Below Deck Charter Guest Adam Sax Talks Rachel's Spicy Food & More

Primary Charter Guest Adam Sax, his pregnant wife Louisa and friends waited until nearly midnight to finish their first dinner aboard superyacht St. David. The Below Deck season 10 Cayman-based charter guests were unimpressed with how long Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s preparation of dinner took. They didn’t get their Tiramisu dessert until midnight! Now, drone tech entrepreneur Adam Sax is dishing to Show Star News on what he thought about Chef Rachel’s cooking and the tardy service.

Meet Adam Sax And Louisa: Below Deck Charter Guests From Season 10

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Adam Sax and pregnant wife Louisa.

Chef Rachel’s Ceviche Was Incredibly Spicy Per Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Adam Sax

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Adam Sax, Louisa, Bianca, Alessandro, Jonathan, Imogen & Justin

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Adam Sax, Louisa, Bianca, Alessandro, Jonathan, Imogen & Justin (Instagram).

“They weren’t happy, I’m going to tell you right now,” Captain Sandy Yawn told Chef Rachel the following day after the first dinner. Charter guests Adam, Louisa, and friends Alessandro, Bianca, Jonathan, Imogen, Justin and Melanie grew impatient waiting for an eight-course tasting menu to wrap up after almost three hours.

One of the first courses had most of the charter guests’ coughing and faces going red.

“Yes, the ceviche was a 20/10 in terms of spicy! That was the only course we had an issue with,” Adam told Show Star News about how spicy the Caribbean ceviche Rachel served taste. “Our preference sheet was pretty clear though on our spice tolerance.”

Chef Rachel's hot Caribbean ceviche which burned the Below Deck season 10 charter guests' tongues

Chef Rachel’s hot Caribbean ceviche which burned the Below Deck season 10 charter guests’ tongues (Bravo).

The CEO of Droneify cut Chef Rachel some slack, though.

“Her food during the first dinner was quite good. Cooking an eight course meal solo is not an easy task.”

Chief Steward Fraser Olender announced the first course at 9:45 PM after the charter guests agreed for dinner to start a little after 9.

The rocky dinner service started off on the wrong foot when charter guest Imogen spilled the broth of her Japanese miso soup because it was scalding hot.

The scalding hot Japanese dish, Miso soup, from the dinner service

The scalding hot Japanese dish, Miso soup, from the dinner service (Bravo).

“The soup! Lol. A number of us spilled the soup. The little dish was extremely hot and awkward to pour,” Adam explained in an interview. “Definitely could have been poured for us to save the mess. But delicious none the less.”

“Next time we’ll pour it for you,” Captain Sandy Yawn said on the show. “They should’ve poured it.”

Below Deck season 10's Chef Rachel Hargrove can't catch a break on the show

Below Deck season 10’s Chef Rachel Hargrove can’t catch a break on the show (Bravo).

Next, the charter guests mouths caught fire from the aforementioned Caribbean ceviche done with a scotch bonnet and apricot sauce.

“Yeah, it’s [bleeping] fire,” said one charter guest after trying it.

Captain Sandy ran into the pantry to tell interior team the food was way too spicy.

It appears Chef Rachel overcompensated on the her food’s spiciness. The last charter’s Indian-American charter guests rudely bashed Chef Rachel’s spicy food as “bland”.

Captain Sandy Fed Up With Chef Rachel’s Slow Service For Charter Guests On Below Deck Season 10

After also being slowly served Turkish stuffed dates, a Mexican empanada, and Jamaican coconut shrimp, Captain Sandy became fed up with the wait.

“I can’t take this, this service is terrible,” Captain Sandy said as she walked to the galley to see what was taking so long.

The captain skipped the ravioli with ricotta and pesto and the Tiramisu dessert in order to get to bed.

Charter guest Imogen got bored with the wait, too. She ended up listening to music on her headphones and leaving to dance.

“Imogen is the best! Dinner was slow, she got bored and wanted to party,” Adam explained. “We were limited on music options so she wanted to bring the party to the table.”

“They made the dinner look super quiet and awkward. When in fact we had some awesome conversations and fun with Sandy,” Adam told Show Star News.

“The food needs to come out quicker. For a superyacht it’s really embarrassing,” Captain Sandy said in confessional clip, not mincing her words.

The next day Captain Sandy called Chef Rachel to the bridge to tell her to get her act together.

However, the end of episode 9 foreshadows Chef Rachel struggling to deliver food on time for a beach picnic the following day.

Adam’s pregnant wife Louisa is starving on the beach and asking where’s lunch.

Back in the galley Chef Rachel’s panicking and swearing.

Back in the middle of 2022, Chef Rachel trashed Bravo and Below Deck for being “bullies” and “fake” respectively. She also announced she was quitting the show, but Below Deck season 10 already filmed at the start of 2022. Since the show aired she’s been eerily quiet on social media. Some fans are wondering if show producers gave Chef Rachel a bad edit in light of the falling out.

Charter Guest Adam Sax Explains How The Charter Guests Ended Up Chartering A Yacht On Below Deck

Below Deck season 10 Primary Charter Guest Adam Sax with a drone from his company

Below Deck season 10 Primary Charter Guest Adam Sax with a drone from his company (LinkedIn).

“Covid had us trapped for far too long. We had been talking about renting a yacht with some friends,” Adam explained in how they ended up on Below Deck season 10. “Louisa jokingly suggested why don’t we go on below deck.. so I made that happen.”

Previous seasons’ charter guests have paid $40,000 plus tip to stay on Below Deck superyacht. Perhaps Below Deck superfan Seth Rogen will reconsider chartering a yacht on the Bravo hit show.

Adam and the gang have no regrets about being on the show.

“Absolutely. We would do it again. Everyone involved on the show behind the scenes were great,” Adam, a Canadian expat, said.
The ninth charter guest onboard their yacht charter trip was born a few months after filming.
“Our baby girl Laila Sax was born on May 29th, 2022. She was the youngest ever guest on Below Deck, unfortunately, her view was slightly different from ours during the trip.”
Below Deck Charter Guests Louisa & Adam Sax's Baby Girl Laila Born After Show

Below Deck charter guests Louisa and Adam Sax welcomed their baby girl Laila in May 2022 months after Louisa went yachting on Below Deck season 10 27-weeks pregnant (Instagram).

Sax also had great things to say about the Below Deck season 10 cast.
“Only speaking of our impression of the first day/night We loved the crew, all amazing people. All issues aside, Fraser and Captain Sandy were especially awesome. Alissa always had a smile, we had no idea what she was going through. Tony was a ton of fun, they didn’t show much of him on the episode but he was great with us. Ben was very quiet but now we’re seeing why.”

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