Below Deck Fans Are Bashing Rude Charter Guests Karan, Rahul & Others

Below Deck Fans Bash Rude Charter Guests Karan, Rahul & Others

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Karan Bakshi, his wife Kamna Kapoor Bakshi, his sister Payal Bakshi, her husband Ronak, friends Rahul, Vivek, Jyoti and others made quite the impression with the crew and fans. Right from the get-go, this group of American Indian charter guests made themselves at home barking orders. Below Deck fans are bashing the rude charter guests after all of their obnoxious behavior.

“I’m impressed, but like not totally,” Rahul said while getting a tour of the stunning superyacht St. David from Chief Steward Fraser Olender.

The charter guests then started barking demands at Second Stewardess Alissa Humber and she noted they drank like fish.

“I’ll have a tequila,” Karan said without saying please.

“I’m watching,” Rahul told Alissa. “I’m just going to make sure that we are comfortable.”

“What time is the lunch?” said one of the female charter guests. “I’m sorry, I want food!”

“We’re hungry!” yelled one of the ladies.

“We need food!” another chimed in.

Despite Captain Sandy Yawn letting the guests know that lunch was scheduled for three, and was still on time, they still continued to incessantly complain.

“I’m literally starving right now,” charter guest Jyoti said, despite Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s lunch was still scheduled on time.

Payal than started banging her fists on the table, repeating “I am hungry” over and over.

When they were served on time the charter guests immediately started complaining about fish being dry and the food not being hot enough.

“It’s disgusting,” Kamna said about Chef Rachel’s mahi-mahi fish. She then told Chef Rachel she found the lunch to be bland.

Meet Charter Guests Karan & Payal From Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Season 10 Fans Are Bashing Rude Charter Guests Karan, Kamna, Rahul, Payal & Friends

Below Deck Season 10's Rude Charter Guests Dancing

Below Deck season 10’s charter guests Rahul and Karan dancing (Bravo).

The ungrateful group of charter guests only continued to trash Chef Rachel’s food at dinner. They then partied until well past 3 a.m. and kept rudely asking for drinks from Alissa, keeping her up super late. They also broke a glass and told her to clean it up. The supposed cigar afficionados also smoked their cigars backwards.

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Rahul and Karan smoke their cigars backwards

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Rahul and Karan smoke their cigars backwards (Bravo).

Fans let the obnoxious charter guests have it on Twitter.

Below Deck Reddit wasn’t any less cutting in their criticism of this group of charter guests.

“I understand being a worker on that yacht for the guests but if someone kept looking at me saying you should probably go clean that up I would lose it. These guests are total losers,” said on fan.

“OMG these guests smoking their cigars backward and not knowing you’re supposed to slice off the end before lighting [lol]. I wonder if they just bought them without ever having been to a shop, just thought cigar = luxury. It would almost be kinda cute except that they’re giving the crew such a hard time,” said another fan.

Below Deck fans also suspect businessman and Primary Charter Guest Karan and the rest of the group will leave terrible tip money for the crew.

Bosun Ross McHarg certainly didn’t help their chances of a good tip. He was in charge of finding them a beach spot along with Captain Sandy. The location on Gros Islet in Saint Lucia turned out to be rocky, and busy with dogs, lots of people and cars around the beach area they chose. Fans will have to wait and see if Karan and the rest of the rude charter guests improve their manners on Below Deck season 10’s episode 8 and if they at least leave a good tip for the crew’s troubles.

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