Love Is Blind S6: Did Chelsea And Jimmy Get Married (Spoilers)

Love Is Blind S6: Did Chelsea And Jimmy Get Married (Spoilers)

Poor Chelsea Blackwell felt completely insecure with her fiancé Jimmy Presnell ever since they saw each other at the reveal on Love Is Blind season 6. Jimmy looked less than thrilled when he finally saw the woman he proposed to, sight unseen, and realized she didn’t exactly look like her apparent celebrity lookalike, Megan Fox. He didn’t do anything to alleviate her insecurities while on vacation. He hit on AD (Amber Desiree Smith) and kept bringing up his other love-interest, Jessica Vestal. Things got better back in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a time. So, did Chelsea and Jimmy get married?

We’ve checked the marriage license records and know the answer, but first let’s take a look at Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship thus far.

Back home, the two got romantic and seemed to have righted the ship in their showmance engagement. However, things took a turn when Chelsea’s clinginess turned off Jimmy, who felt suffocated. He told her as much after she complained he hadn’t once kissed her on a day of work. Things blew up, and Jimmy ended up leaving for the night. But her returned and they again got along well.

Chelsea’s friends really liked Jimmy. And Jimmy’s close girl friends thought Chelsea was bubbly and really loved Jimmy. That said, previews show both Jimmy and Chelsea seeing their other former pod interests and expressing interest in them still. Things take an even darker turn when Chelsea accuses Jimmy of [bleeping] an unnamed woman.

Did Chelsea And Jimmy Get Married On Love Is Blind Season 6

Chelsea trying her wedding dress likely at a fitting, but didn't end up making it to the altar with jimmy

Chelsea trying her wedding dress likely at a fitting, but didn’t end up making it to the altar with jimmy (Netflix).

Mecklenburg County marriage records show no results for Jimmy and Chelsea even applying for a marriage license. That said, at least one couple did get married on Love Is Blind season 6, but it definitely wasn’t this dysfunction duo.

Chelsea said Trevor Sova, her other connection in the pods, was the typical guy she would go for. It looks like she and Jimmy even entertained the idea of leaving their relationship to explore their respective other connections. “We have talked about what life would look like if we picked other people,” Chelsea told Trevor in the explosive previews.

That said, Trevor and Chelsea also didn’t stay together either. It turns out Trevor had a girlfriend at the time of going on the show and dumped her only a few weeks before Love Is Blind season 6 started airing on Valentine’s Day. He also starred on the upcoming season of Perfect Match season 2, too.

Despite Chelsea being shown in her wedding dress in the previews, it’s actually a red herring. She was only at the wedding dress fitting, traditionally shown on Love Is Blind, but there were know teasers showing Jimmy and Chelsea at their wedding day.

It’s likely Jimmy and Chelsea both pursued relationships with their other love-interest on the show. Jimmy told Jess after meeting her how much he still cared for her. He also confessed she was still his number one. That said, things didn’t work out between Jimmy and Jess either. Recent leaked photos show Jess in a romantic embrace with Harry Jowsey, serial player and former Too Hot To Handle star. The two stunning reality TV stars apparently met while filming Perfect Match season 2.

Fans will have to wait until at least Feb. 28 to see how things ended between Chelsea and Jimmy, however the finale isn’t out until March 6! And the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion doesn’t drop until a week after that, on March 13.

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