Love Is Blind S6: Are Trevor And Chelsea Still Together

Love Is Blind S6: Are Trevor And Chelsea Still Together

Previews for the unreleased final episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 suggest a switcheroo takes place. Engaged couple Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell end up pursuing their other love-interests from the pods. Chelsea tests the waters with mullet-man Trevor Sova, while Jimmy let’s Jessica Vestal know she’s still his number one. Trevor was a better fit for Chelsea all along many fans argue. The two had more banter, and also Trevor seemed genuinely more into Chelsea. It looked like she got competitive with Jess in fighting for Jimmy’s affection. So, are Trevor and Chelsea still together after the show?

“Trevor is who I normally go for,” Chelsea admits in the preview after seeing him.

“We have talked about what life would look like if we picked other people,” Chelsea told Trevor.

“Jess is very good-looking. I am attracted to her. I am attracted to her.” Jimmy said. “I care about you a lot. In reality, you are my number one still.”

Chelsea in another scene accuses Jimmy of sleeping with someone else, but it’s unclear if its one of his close girl friends or Chelsea. What’s more clear, however, is that Jimmy and Chelsea don’t last, or even make it to their wedding day.

Trevor listening to Chelsea tell him how she and Jimmy talked about if they'd picked differently in the pods

Trevor listening to Chelsea tell him how she and Jimmy talked about if they’d picked differently in the pods (Netflix).

Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Trevor And Chelsea Still Together

In the pods, Trevor was quite smitten with Chelsea. He was completely understanding when she told him about her previous failed marriage and divorce. Chelsea loved his whimsical, happy-go-lucky attitude. She really got Trevor’s hopes up when she was excited he confessed he loved her. She furthered his hopes by giving him a bracelet that they could show each other love and that they were thinking of each other by tapping it.

Despite their strong connection, Chelsea chose Jimmy. And disaster and insecurity ensued. Although the two still follow each other on Instagram, it doesn’t look likely they ended up together after the show.

Trevor’s been much flirtier with Jess than Chelsea on social media, too. That said, it’s much more likely Jess is now dating Harry Jowsey, former Too Hot To Handle and Dancing With The Stars star. The two apparently co-starred on Perfect Match season 2, which brings stars of Netflix’s array of reality TV shows to date one another. Speaking of Perfect Match season 2 rumors, apparently Trevor also got casted on the show. News also broke of Trevor was apparently in a serious relationship when he got casted to go on Love Is Blind season 6. A bodybuilder influencer leaked photos and texts between her and Trevor while and after he was filming the show.

Although we don’t know for sure if Chelsea and Trevor are still together, the signs all point to this relationship never really taking off. That’s probably for the best, as hopping from being engaged to Jimmy, where Chelsea was dealing with major insecurity issues, to another serious relationship probably wouldn’t have been for the best.

We’ll know for sure if Chelsea and Trevor are still together when

Love Is Blind season 6’s reunion airs on March 13.

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