Who’s Jimmy From Love Is Blind Season 6: IG, Travel, Job, Age, More

Who’s Jimmy From Love Is Blind Season 6: IG, Travel, Job, Age, More

Love Is Blind‘s Jimmy Presnell is going through it in a major way on the show. First he had to make a tough choice between the fiery Jessica Vestal and in-her-feelings Chelsea Blackwell. Both ladies had their red and green flags, as do we all. You could argue that Jimmy fumbled Jessica after she poured her heart out to him. But Jimmy was clearly uncomfortable with being called out — especially after Jess said she wanted him to be honest. Then at the reveal ceremony with Chelsea, he was thrown again when she created the expectation that she looked like Megan Fox. Now he is constantly trying to reassure insecure Chelsea who is “un-comfy” whenever he talks to another woman.

Jimmy is going to have to get used to being un-comfy himself, or he’s going to end up without a leg to stand on. And the show isn’t letting that thread with Jess drop either. Jess does return for future episodes according to the teaser. This no doubt leads to the clip where Chelsea accuses him of being unfaithful. He’s got one of the toughest storylines out of all the Love Is Blind season 6 cast. So, who’s Jimmy from Love Is Blind and did he do anything to deserve all this stress?

Who’s Jimmy From Love Is Blind season 6? Hometown and Birthplace, IG, Sport Fandom, Travel

Jimmy traveling in NYC

Jimmy traveling in NYC (Instagram).

Jimmy is a Charlotte boy through and through, but he loves to travel around the USA, drink beer, and party. Checking out his Instagram account, with a mere 4,200 followers, reveals he’s a University of North Carolina grad. One photo shows him holding the sign of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, so we can assume he rushed them in college. Sports are a major interest of Jimmy’s, as he played football at UNC. In cities as diverse as LA, NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, the plan is the same: enjoy local food, catch a show, and take in several games. Jimmy doesn’t appear to have a favorite team — he will appreciate the local teams as they are. One of his stories shows that he is an admirer of actor Matthew McConaughey. Much like Mr. McConaughey, he always seems to be taking his shirt off when the weather calls for it.

Who’s Jimmy From Love Is Blind? Family, Age, Sales Job, Relationship Status

Jimmy, age 28, loves his mama, as she appears in a few of his posts, and he does have one brother, Justin. It seems Justin followed in his big bro’s footsteps at UNC and in Sigma Phi Epsilon. When it’s time to get serious, Jimmy’s LinkedIn shows that he works as a sales rep for Paycor, a software company that specializes in payroll software. We can also see Jimmy’s major and degree: a Bachelor of Finance and Marketing. Before that, Jimmy worked at another payroll software developer, Paycom, and as a financial services recruiter for Ettain Group. However, Jimmy got his start bartending at Embassy Suites. Jimmy’s Facebook shows that he was born in Sophia, North Carolina. It seems that if Jimmy is with anyone, it isn’t Jessica, which she made clear in an interview with People.

Hopefully Jimmy learned from his experience on the show and even if things didn’t work out with Chelsea, he can move forward.

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