Physical 100’s Park Kwang-Jae: IG, YouTube Basketball Career, Acting Roles

Physical 100’s Park Kwang-Jae: IG, YouTube Basketball Career, Acting Roles

Physical 100 Season 2’s champion will need to look like a winner and prove their skills. Park Kwang-Jae can do both. The former basketball player has the athletic chops and looks like he can beat 99 other elite players. If you need an actor to play a tough guy, Park looks like he was born for the part. Even this won’t be enough, though, as to go far on the show you need leadership and the ability to form alliances. And, since Physical 100 thrives on fair, respectful competition, it’s no place for superstar arrogance.

Luckily for him, the fearsome-looking Park has a reputation for being easy to warm up to once the cameras are off. Physical 100’s Park Kwang-Jae will be a lot of fun to watch, but can he go all the way?

Physical 100‘s Park Kwang-Jae: Basketball Career, Height, Acting and TV, Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Park Kwang-Jae on Physical 100 Underground

Park Kwang-Jae on Physical 100 Underground (Instagram).

The 43 year old was born on September 10, 1980, which appropriately makes him a charismatic Virgo. Standing close to 6 feet, 4 inches, the dominant Park played as a center in the Korean Basketball League for the 2011-2012 season. Apparently, the Korea Gas Corporation has their own professional basketball team and they were the ones who signed Park. If you watch basketball, you know that centers stay near the basket and have to get physical and block shots. Will Park bring this play style to Physical 100?

Park has achieved greater fame as an actor than he ever could on the court. Since 2015 he’s played a string of mob bosses, gang members, martial artists, and, one time, a character named “Gorilla”. If you have a subscription to Disney+, you can catch Park as Seodol in K-Drama series Vigilante. This looks like a Korean version of Marvel’s The Punisher. 

Physical 100‘s Park Kwang-Jae: YouTube, Instagram, Weight, Cast Friendships, Fan Art

When he’s just being himself, Park is a nice guy who just loves food and hanging out with friends. This is the focus of his YouTube channel, which boasts 134,000 subscribers as of writing, features a pink color scheme and has the handle “@Kwangjaesister.” Hmmmm. Anyway, Park does food reviews and comparisons of different brands. He also has a video from a year ago where he shaved his famous mob-boss beard and mustache. Park has posted his weight in the thumbnails, so we will include it here as 140 kg, or 308 lbs.

On Instagram, Park has been one of the most active promoters of the show even though it doesn’t come out until March 19th. He’s got plenty of story selfies with his castmates, including bodybuilder Kim Nan-Wook, stuntwoman Jeon Hee-Jeong, and arborist Hong Da-Eun. At the moment he has 49,300 followers so these less famous cast members probably appreciate the attention. Although his IG is fairly food-focused as well, he’s also got clips from a 2019 trip to Los Angeles. He also loves featuring fan-art from his many shows and roles. He’s not afraid to hit the court every so often, including in what appears to be a charity game in May 2023. And, if you scroll down far enough, you can find him demonstrating impressive strength in the gym.

However, is Park here to win Physical 100: Underground, or to just have fun? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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