Below Deck: Jessica Attacked On Instagram For Quitting & Being ‘Laziest’

Below Deck's Jessica Albert on WWHL
Below Deck season 9’s Jessica Albert talking to Andy Cohen on WWHL about how attractive Deckhand Wes O’Dell is (Screenshot, Bravo).

Third Steward Jessica Albert exited the superyacht early. But that hasn’t stopped the trolls from attacking her for being the ‘laziest’ and quitting Below Deck season 9.

An account on Instagram sent extremely disturbing messages (trigger warning: messages are disturbing below) to Albert after episode 9 aired, in which she quit the show.

Jessica Abruptly Quits After Struggling As Third Stew

At the beginning of the episode, Jessica is in her pajamas and asks to speak with her boss, Chief Stew Heather Chase. It’s the same day the season’s 5th primary charter guest and a jaw-wired-shut Chelsea Gonella is boarding the My Seanna with her girlfriends and husband. Despite the crew needing her, Albert said her body couldn’t handle anymore of the intense work.

And just like that, she abruptly quit her job. She left without saying goodbye to Deckhand Wes O’Dell, who had a crush on Jessica, and the rest of the crew.

Below Deck's Wes O'Dell & Jessica Albert
Below Deck season 9’s Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert chat on the way back from partying (Screenshot, Bravo).

Albert struggled throughout the season to work on a superyacht. Her previous experience yachting was on smaller, private boats where the pace was slower. She was used to being the only stew onboard. So, the intense pace of working on a superyacht was a major shock to Jessica, a 35-year-old Floridian.

Furthermore, Albert was mentally dejected much of her time on Below Deck season 9. Her grandparents, who she lived and cared for before coming on the show, have health problems back home. With this weighing on her mind, Albert had trouble focusing on her job and couldn’t keep up with Chase and Second Stew Fraser Olender.

But hater trolls are gonna hate. Some trolls on Instagram and Twitter despicably attacked Albert for her time on Below Deck.

Albert Attacked By Trolls On Instagram & Twitter

Jessica faced so much written abuse on social media from trolls she decided to make some of the nasty messages public. In an Instagram story, Albert posted some DMs from an Instagram user going by Michael Schwartz.

Below Deck season 9's Jessica Posts Abusive DMs
Below Deck’s Jessica Albert has faced extremely abusive messages from trolls online after she quit season 9 (Screengrab, Instagram).

Besides calling her the laziest, the troll calls her despicable names. On top of that, he calls for her to be thrown to the bottom of the ocean.

“Okay, this is becoming a bit extreme folks! Calm yourselves! Please. It’s a f***ing TV show!” Jessica responded in her Instagram story.

One can hope this troll, and others like him, are exposed and face consequences for their despicable behavior.

Other Below Deck fans on Reddit have come to her defense, saying she was in a tough spot.

Fraser Regrets How He Treated Jessica

Second Stew Fraser Olender recently went on former Below Deck Mediterranean Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier’s podcast, Dear Reality: You’re Effed. On the show, Fraser talked about his first reality TV experience on Made In Chelsea, now being a chief stew himself, and how he feels bad about how things went with Jess.

He said he felt bad how he was portrayed as always complaining to Chase about Albert being slow and inefficient on the job. Fraser told Hannah he had no idea Albert was struggling. She didn’t inform the crew she was worried about her grandparents health. He said had he known he would’ve had more sympathy for Jessica.

Also on the podcast, Fraser buries the hatchet with Hannah over her calling his lost radio scene fake.

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