What Happened to Chef Kevin Dobson After Below Deck Season 7

What Happened to Chef Kevin Dobson After Below Deck Season 7

Chef Kevin Dobson cooked some amazing food dishes while on Below Deck season 7, but he also became infamous with much of the viewership. His participation in the all-male Bru Crew’s bullying of the women aboard superyacht Valor angered Below Deck fans. However, some fans backed Kevin’s rudeness to Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain as giving her some of her own medicine. Although, no one defended his actions at the end of the charter season when he kicked sand in Kate’s face. He also didn’t handle criticism well, whether it be from Captain Lee or charter guests. After such a controversial season, fans won’t soon forget the arrogant chef. Here’s what happened to Chef Kevin Dobson after Below Deck season 7 stopped filming in Thailand in the spring of 2019.

Chef Kevin Dobson Worked For Japanese Chef In Japan After Below Deck

Chef Kevin Dobson Worked In Japan With Japanese Chef

Chef Kevin Dobson worked an trained under a Japanese chef while traveling and living in Japan in Osaka and Kyoto (Instagram).

After filming Below Deck season 7, Chef Kevin worked in Japan with a Japanese chef, learning to cook Japanese cuisine in late 2019. He also spent time traveling and sightseeing scared temples in Kyoto. Once he wrapped up his work and travels there, Kevin continued to travel, visiting Miami, LA, New York and Spain. While in Europe, he appears to have traveled with his girlfriend, including hiking mountains.

He also returned to his home country of New Zealand to snowboard and see his young daughter.

Chef Kevin Had Girlfriend After Below Deck Season 7

Throughout Below Deck season 7 Kevin didn’t even come close to flirting with any of the female crew or a boatmance. However, later that year Chef Kevin shared a picture of him kissing a girl on Facebook.

That relationship didn’t last, though. Kevin’s Instagram reveals he’s now living in Perth, Australia, with his blonde Canadian girlfriend Anastasia, who recently tagged him in a picture of their cute puppy dog.

Chef Kevin Dobson with his girlfriend in Australia (Facebook).

Kevin moved to Perth, Australia back in June 2020.

Kevin Created A Cooking YouTube Channel & Worked On Another Superyacht

Back in 2019 when Below Deck season 7 filmed and aired, Kevin launched his own cooking website and YouTube channel called Small Town Cook.

However, he gave up on the venture after a dozen videos showing how to make different meals. Besides still cooking five-star meals in Australia, Kevin did work on another superyacht in 2020 after Below Deck season 7.

Chef Kevin preparing fish as the chef on a superyacht in 2020 (Instagram).

Since Below Deck season 7, Chef Kevin has also spent a lot of time with his daughter and the rest of his family. Since early 2021 Kevin has kept his life private. not sharing anything publicly on social media.

Kevin received a lot of vitriol and hate from Below Deck fans after he appeared on the show. There are still nasty comments on his Instagram posts from viewers. Kevin, along with the rest of the Bru Crew (Ashton, Brian and Tanner), did show some contrition on the reunion episode, but for the most part they didn’t seem to think their behavior was too terrible. Regardless, Chef Kevin has moved on from the toxicity and is living his best life as a professional chef.

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