Rachel From Dated And Related: Age, Jobs, IG, Birthday & More

Rachel From Dated And Related: Age, Jobs, IG, Birthday & More

Rachel Foster, Andy’s little sister, proved on Dated and Related that she is definitely not someone you want to cross. Bad boy Will Wade found that out the hard way. When he tried to mansplain Rachel, he ended up being quickly dumped for his trouble. Obviously, Rachel could have generated some serious heat had she not joined almost as the show was ending. However, after unloading on Will, there were no more eligible bachelors left in the villa. She and the rest of the eliminated siblings had to stand on the sidelines and cast votes. However, Rachel has a lot going for her. Let’s find out more about the Irish beauty.

Rachel Foster: From Serving Drinks To Serving Sponsorships

Before finding fame, Rachel Foster was managing the family’s café in Ballymoney while covering shifts in nearby Ballycastle. She reportedly was working 60-hour weeks at the time.

Rachel is a skilled dancer, and she and Andy have two other siblings: brother Ben and sister Abbie. She also almost appeared on Netflix’s UK romantic reality offering, Love Island.  The family have all appeared together on Family Fortunes, the UK version of Family Feud. 

Rachel Foster has done a bit better than brother Andy when it comes to scoring sponsorships. Skincare company Vita Liberata, Aytee7 fitness wear, and shoe company Belfast Sneaks are prominent supporters.

Rachel Foster is known for her high standards when it comes to men, and refuses to settle for anything less than her perfect guy. She’s having too much fun in the meantime.

Rachel is almost always out in the sun. She loves the water and the beach. Festivals of all sorts are another passion of hers, and she has travelled to Australia and Brazil. She loves to dye her hair all sorts of colorful hues, but her favorite color is black.

Being forced to choose between Ceylan and Will made Rachel seem tense and stressed. In real life, or at least social media life, she’s a bit of a goofball.  She posted an Insta of members of the Dated And Related cast being silly at a reunion event. Her TikTok is full of comedic videos. There’s one where she jokes about morning wood with her mom Louise. In another, she pokes fun at her own relatively small cup size.

Rachel Foster’s Birthday, Age & Zodiac Sign

The 23-year old’s special day is January 23rd. It’s no surprise, then, that Rachel is an impulsive, excitable Aquarius.

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