Perfect Match: Are Shayne & Chloe Still Together After Show

Perfect Match: Are Shayne & Chloe Still Together After Show

Perfect Match couple Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind season 2) and Chloe Veitch (Too Hot To Handle and The Circle) experienced a tumultuous whirlwind romance at the villa in Panama. Shayne, age 33, entered the show much earlier than 23-year-old Chloe and first matched The Circle France‘s Ines Tazi. He then had a brief thing with Too Hot To Handle star Izzy Fairthorne. Izzy ditched him though for an upgrade(?) in Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind season 3), so he and Ines matched again. That didn’t last long when Shayne got put on a date with Chloe after a boardroom decision. The two high-energy spazzes hit it off from the get-go. But are Shayne and Chloe still together after Perfect Match wrapped up filming?

Despite Chloe really liking Shayne right off the bat, producers threw a wrench in the fledgling couple’s romance. Chloe’s ex flame and The Circle co-star Mitchell Eason got put on a date with her. Old feelings reemerged and she matched with Mitchell, sending Shayne packing. But not before she and Mitchell celebrated in their suite’s infinity pool, which splashed water on Shayne as he departed.

Are Shayne and Chloe Still Together After Leaving Perfect Match A Couple

Shayne and Chloe sitting awkwardly while Chloe's ex Mitchell enters the villa again

Shayne and Chloe sitting awkwardly while Chloe’s ex Mitchell enters the villa again (Netflix).

Chloe and Mitchell’s reconnection didn’t last long, however. Mitchell duped Chloe into thinking he wanted a serious relationship, but eventually he came clean and let her know he wasn’t prepared for a long-term commitment. Chloe then got put on another date with Shayne, and apologized for making the mistake of not picking him.

Shayne initially accepted Chloe’s explanation that she was confused by past emotions, but that she never stopped liking him. And that her feelings only grew stronger apart. Yet doubt kept nagging at Shayne’s severe ADHD mind. He kept feeling like she was only picking him now because Mitchell bailed. After getting in a fight with Chloe in their suite, where she ended up sleeping in friends’ suite Dom Gabriel (The Mole) and Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot to Handle). They eventually talked it out and professed their love for one another. So, what happened to the rollercoaster relationship after Perfect Match ended filming?

Shayne still appears to be based in Chicago, while Chloe lives in the UK. So, unless they’re doing long-distance, these star-crossed lovers called it quits after the show. On top of that, neither of them appear to be showing much love for each other on social media.

Shayne’s ex fiancée Natalie Lee previously claimed they got back together after Love Is Blind season 2 and were still together when Shayne signed up for Perfect Match. Not only that, but Natalie says Shayne texted her “I love you more than anything” just before flying down south to shoot Perfect Match. “He wanted to leave midway through filming because he still had feelings for me after we saw each other for [the] first time since our breakup at the reunion show taping.”

Natalie, Ines & Chloe Hang & Joke About Dating Shayne

This could help explain an ulterior motive for why Shayne almost left the villa a couple times on Perfect Match. Meanwhile, Shayne’s exes Natalie, Ines and Chloe shot a TikTok video together joking about all having dated Shayne. The video joke suggests Chloe is no longer with Shayne. She also hung out with Perfect Match co-star Joey Sasso last fall.


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On Tuesday, Feb. 28 when the final four episodes dropped, Shayne posted on Instagram pictures from the show with a caption: “What a journey it’s been. I’ve grown a lot but still have more to do and that’s life. Thank you for all the kind messages and love.”

Fans will have to wait for Perfect Match‘s likely reunion episode to find out how things ended between Shayne and Chloe. However, all signs point to an amicable breakup. Some fans are also pointing to Perfect Match‘s scripted and fake nature to suggest the Shayne and Chloe’s whole relationship was staged for the cameras. The couple also have a 10-year age gap between them, so that may have contributed to the failed relationship.

Shayne posted some pictures from Perfect Match with Chloe and said he still needs to grow after the experience

Shayne posted some pictures from Perfect Match with Chloe and said he still needs to grow after the experience (Instagram).

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