Perfect Match Reunion Episode: Release Date Likely Imminent

Perfect Match Reunion Episode: Release Date Likely Imminent

Perfect Match‘s final four episodes released on Netflix Feb. 28 and fans are still wondering if Netflix hosted or will make a reunion episode. The show’s huge audience popularity is undeniable, with Perfect Match debuting with 24 million hours viewed and hitting number one on Netflix’s TV show charts. Although Perfect Match‘s finale didn’t preview a reunion episode, the cast sort of filmed a mini one in early February in LA. But it only had three of the final couples give updates and didn’t include all the cast.

All the unanswered controversy and drama demands Netflix release a Perfect Match reunion episode.

There are plenty of burning fans’ questions to answer, still, too. Like what happened to the final couples after the show ended? Did Kariselle and Joey get married after he proposed to her on the show. Also, Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind), Nick Uhlenhuth (The Circle), and Chase DeMoor (Too Hot To Handle) have a lot to answer for. And of course fans want to see Reality TV diva Francesca Farago grilled for her mean-girl antics on the show. Even if they were partly scripted and staged. Also, what was up with Love Is Blind star Damian Powers kissing with his eyes open? Finally, fans need answers on how Georgia allegedly cheated on Dom with Francesca’s other ex, Harry Jowsey.

Here are reasons why a Perfect Match reunion could still be in the cards, but likely won’t happen now.

Perfect Match Cast All Met Up In LA Recently, Filmed A ‘Where Are They Now’ Video Instead of A Full Reunion Episode

Perfect Match cast hanging out in LA together in early February 2023, likeling reuniting to film a reunion episode

Perfect Match cast hanging out in LA together in early February 2023, reuniting to hangout and for some cast to do a “Where are the now?” video (Instagram).

Almost the entire Perfect Match cast showed up in LA at the start of February for the premier of Netflix’s Rom-Com Your Place or Mine starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. Netflix flew out the Perfect Match contestants to watch a new Netflix movie being released. It turns out couples Georgia and Dom, Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch, and Joey and Kariselle were all interviewed about how their relationships ended. They all gave vague explanations on why they didn’t end up together in a short five-minute YouTube video.

Perfect Match cast hanging out in LA together at a Netflix movie premier

Perfect Match cast hanging out in LA together at a Netflix movie premier (Instagram).

Too Hot To Handle Season 1’s Reunion Was Released Late, Which Could Happen For Perfect Match

Although Love Is Blind season 1 announced a reunion episode immediately after the finale dropped, it doesn’t mean that Perfect Match won’t have one because it didn’t follow suit. Too Hot Too Handle season 1 filmed a reunion episode during the pandemic after the show became a number one hit on the streaming platform. THTH season 1’s reunion episode didn’t get released until a few weeks after the finale aired. So there’s plenty of time for Netflix to still host a proper Perfect Match reunion episode virtually if they didn’t already do it in LA at the start of February.

However, the Perect Match cast sharing their stories on podcasts suggests there will not be a reunion episode.

Besides huge audience interest in a reunion episode, there are also a ton of unanswered questions. A lot of fans would tune in to find out what happened to couples like winners Dom Gabriel (The Mole) and Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle). Not to mention, what happened to Joey Sasso (The Circle) and Kariselle Snow (Sexy Beasts) after getting engaged with actual details on how things ended. There are too many unanswered fan questions and unexplained drama that Netflix should explore in a Perfect Match reunion. Now we’re just Netflix announces a Perfect Match reunion release date.

If Netflix doesn’t, at least we have Love Is Blind season 4 to look forward to dropping on Friday, March 24.

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