Physical 100’s Lee Won-Hee: Judo, Olympics, IG, YouTube, More

Physical 100's Lee Won-Hee: Judo, Olympics, IG, YouTube, More

One thing you learn by watching Physical 100 Season 2 is how much more the competitors revere their elders. This is a much bigger part of the second season compared to Physical 100‘s 1st season. And another of the season’s respected leaders is the Judo Professor, Physical 100’s Lee Won-Hee. Although he finished in the bottom half (#60) in the pre-quest, he absolutely destroyed karateka Park Hee-Jun in the deathmatch. Park placed 24th in the running quest, demonstrating that youth and superior cardio will only get you so far. Then, he captained his Capturing the Maze team to a victory in Quest 2. Some might argue this was because the other team relied too heavily on the large barrels and didn’t have enough space.

Now, Lee’s team and Andre Jin‘s crew is up against Jung Ji-Hyun‘s terrifying “Avengers” squad. Jung has Lee’s team pegged as the weakest, but will the old master have a trick up his sleeve? Plus, it looks like Andre Jin has a temporary alliance with Lee to eliminate the Avengers. But will it matter in the Mine Transportation Match? Let’s review what we know about the Professor thus far.

Physical 100‘s Lee Won-Hee: Judo Medals, Alma Mater, Win Streak, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Marriages, Children, IG, YouTube

Lee Won-hee when winning gold for Judo at the Olympics in Athens

Lee Won-hee when winning gold for Judo at the Olympics in Athens (Instagram).

Another gold-medal hero, Lee Won-Hee captured the top prize at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. He’s a former judo world champion as well, taking that title in 2003 World Judo Championships. Known for dominant throws and quick wins, he ran up a 48-match win streak until his career peaked with a loss in 2007. An ippon is a decisive technique leading to a victory, and his string of victories gave him his nickname, “Mr. Ippon.”  Once his in-ring career came to an end, it was time for his “Professor” era to begin as he taught at Yong In University. He is actually one of eight Professors in Judo Instruction, which is part of the university’s College of Martial Arts. His teaching career started in 2015, and the University is where he graduated from initially.

At the age of 41 Lee is very much in the upper tier of the cast as far as age is concerned. He was born on the 19th of July, which means he is an optimistic, but quiet-natured Cancer who has been married twice. His first marriage was from 2008-2012 to Kim Mie-Hyun, a golfer, then to table-tennis player Yun Ji-Hye since 2018. He has three children, son Yeseong with Mie-Hyun, and two other children which appear on his IG profile. He has a fairly good following there too, with 14,900 followers. There is also his YouTube channel, but he only has two short videos there and 607 subscribers.

Physical 100‘s Lee Won-Hee: Other Shows, Commentator Job

Lee has a fun side, as he enjoys encouraging his children to ice skate and wear their own judo uniforms. But, Physical 100 is not his first time in front of the cameras. He’s been a commentator for the Korean Broadcasting System during the Beijing Olympics. He’s also turned up on other competition shows, playing soccer on Let’s Play Soccer and singing his heart out on King Of Mask Singer. 

Never count Lee Won-Hee out, even if he doesn’t go all the way on Physical: 100.

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