Physical 100’s Andre Jin: IG, Rugby Career, Famous Family, More

Physical 100's Andre Jin: IG, Rugby Career, Famous Family, IG, More

The “foreign” competitors on Physical 100 are some of the most interesting, yet receive the least attention. Usually only amounting to a handful of the 100 potential winners, most are quietly eliminated. However, on Physical 100 Season 2, model and bodybuilder Emmanuel went the distance against UFC legend Kim Dong-Hyun. It was rugby player Andre Jin Coquillard who was voted by the other 49 competitors remaining after the deathmatches to captain a team. Although we never saw Jin Coquillard’s deathmatch, he must have won in spectacular fashion to earn those votes. Jin’s team of 5 has not competed in the Capturing the Maze battle yet. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see how they do. But as we’ll see, Physical 100’s Jin Coquillard has achieved a few firsts in his career.

Since he was voted into 8th place, Jin Coquillard had to pick strategically. His team consists of another rugby champion in Chang Yong-Heung and Coast Guard officer Park Woo-Jin. These physical players will come in handy, but there is also flexible cosplayer POWER WHO YAMI. Finally we have explosive female swimmer Jung You-In, giving the team some necessary speed. Also, this teams will not be facing off against elite captains Kim Dong-Hyun and Hong Beom-Seok. Powerful crossfitter Amotti, lion-like kabbadi player Lee Jang-Kun and master strategist judoka Lee Won-Hee are in other matchups.

Physical 100‘s Andre Jin: Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Family, Education, Famous Mother, Places Lived, Other Shows, Injury

Andre Jin Coquillard with his famous mom and former model Kim Dong-su

Andre Jin Coquillard with his famous mom and former model Kim Dong-su (Instagram).

Andre Jin Coquillard, age 33, was born on Jan 15, 1991. This makes him a focused and thoughtful Capricorn. He is best known for competing at the 2020 Olympics, as was the first ever naturalized citizen on the men’s rugby team. Born in Seoul to a Korean mother and American father, he majored in political science at the University of California, Berkeley. His profile as a member of the Golden Bears rugby team is here, showing that he led them to their first ever national title in 2013. His mother is quite famous in her own right as she is 1980’s model Kim Dong-Su. Jin’s father was a football player for Dartmouth University. It seems he has lived and worked in Shanghai and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as well.

Jin Coquillard, who also goes by the Korean name Kim Jin, is fiercely patriotic as this article shows. He maintains South Korea’s intense sports rivalry with Japan. Though he is instantly recognizable on the rugby pitch, he has also participated in another Netflix show, Let’s Play Soccer/The Gentlemen’s League. This show involved athletes who are well known in other sports competing against professional soccer players. On the show he earned some criticism for talking back to instructors. He has also been rehabbing a knee injury since 2021.

Physical 100‘s Andre Jin: Instagram, Travel, Endorsements

Jin’s main source of social media is his Instagram account. With the usual photos of him training, celebrating birthdays with loved ones and travelling, there are some standout tidbits. For example, he has high profile endorsements from Hyundai and Factor Meals, and has appeared in a 2023 issue of Vogue Korea and Harper’s Bazaar. There are other endorsements, such as Nutrione health products. Despite his rivalry with Japan, he seems to love to travel there, but has also been to Doha, the UAE, and South Africa. He is very close to his mother and shares the frame with her in several photo shoots and accompanies her to the opera.

Andre Jin Coquillard is definitely a trailblazer and there’s no telling how far he’ll go on Physical 100 Underground. 

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