BB 25: America’s Full Interview With Julie After Getting Evicted

Big Brother 25 just lost another one of America’s favorite players, and she happens to share the same name of her adopted home country when she and her parents moved from Mexico when she was young. America Lopez tried her very best to stay in the game. She flirted with Jag Bains while he was HOH and convinced the other houseguests to evict Blue Kim, instead of her. However, her luck ran out when Bowie Jane — probably to the detriment of the Australian’s game — as HOH nominated Felicia Cannon and America on the double eviction night.

America tried her best to persuade the other contestants to keep her instead of Felicia. But she burned too many bridges, especially with Matt Klotz and Jag, because she talked about gunning for them. At least America gets to go to the jury house and spend some quality time with Cory Wurtenberger away from the 24/7 cameras monitoring every moment of their showmance. Here’s America’s full interview with Julie Chen Moonves right after she was evicted from BB 25 by a vote of three to zero at the end of the episode on Thursday night.

Did you feel like you had any chance of staying?

No, I knew they were coming after me. It was between me and Felicia. Of course they’re going to keep her.


Because it’s Matt and Jag. I just don’t trust them. I was verbally, I said I was coming after them. I told everyone I was coming after them. So, no, I didn’t stand a chance. I know there ideal final 4 is probably with Felicia and Cirie. Ah yeah, it wasn’t with me. 

Do you think that those voting tonight made the right decision tonight in getting rid of you, instead of Felicia?

Uh, no. I’m, well, I mean…

You did say you were going after two of them…

Well, yeah, I was coming after Matt and Jag, everything I told them was a lie. The second I got the chance of course they were going to nominated, but they didn’t know that, right? Um, they’re going to win. I’m just so mad because everyone is just letting them slide through. And I, granted they keep winning everything, so nobody has a chance. Like, I was telling everyone, they’re going to win, final two, I’ve seen this over and over again. An they’re just going to steamroll through everyone. It’s so stupid and it makes me so mad. But…

You are off to the jury house and Cory is there. Does that soften the harshness of thus moment right now?

Of course! I’m so excited! It’s kind of iconic, me and him in the jury house together.

And what is your hope for the relationship once Big Brother is over?

Um, marriage! No, I’m kidding. Umm [laughs and giggles].

We have had seven marriages.

I know. I know. No, I’m just excited to continue where we left off…

Show Star News will update with the rest of America Lopez’s exit interview once CBS releases it on its Big Brother Instagram account on Friday morning. Meanwhile, BB 25 fans on Twitter/X were very sad to see America get kicked out of the house.

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