Below Deck Med S7: All Tip Money & How Much The Crew Made

Below Deck Med: All The Tip Money & How Much Crew Made From Each Charter

Find out how much tip money crew members made from charter guests on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 (Bravo).

For Below Deck yachties, trying to make the most tip money motivates the crew to give first-class service to charter guests.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is well under way. So far the relationship drama between Chef Dave White and Chief Stew Natasha Webb as well as “plant” Raygan Tyler‘s incompetency as bosun angering Captain Sandy are the narratives overshadowing everything else.

But cast members are also making great charter tip money on superyacht Home while in Malta. Here’s all the tip money on Below Deck Med season 7 the crew earned from charter guests and how much money each crew member made. We’ll eventually also look at how this season compares to Below Deck season 9’s tip money totals and Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3’s tip money totals.

Hidden Crew Members on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 Who Split Tip Money

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Hidden Crew Members

Captain Sandy introduced Chief Officer Ray and Engineer Carlos on the first episode of Below Deck Med season 7. The hidden crew members share the tip money with the rest of the cast of the show (Bravo).

Other than Below Deck Sailing Yacht, each season of Below Deck has hidden crew members helping to operate the boat. These crew members are introduced in the first episode, but typically don’t get anymore airtime after that. In Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, there are two hidden crew members splitting the charter tip money with the nine cast members. The two hidden crew members are Chief Officer Ray and Engineer Carlos.

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From 1st Charter Guests

Primary Charter Guests Billy Rodriguez Tip Money On Below Deck Med Season 7

Co-primary charter guest and LA-based advertising agency owner Billy Rodriguez and other charter guests gave the crew a lot of tip money (Bravo).

Co-primary charter guests Billy (William) Rodriguez and Chris Figueroa charter superyacht home to celebrate their anniversary meeting Japan. Billy is the co-founder of LA-based Silvercrest Advertising agency. They invited Billy’s sister Crystal, assistant, and friends Ryan, Twanna, Leslie and Jeffrey as the other charter guests.

Despite co-primary charter guest Billy being unimpressed by Raygan’s attitude and management of her deck team getting the water toys out, the tip was still fantastic.

For half of the first charter of Below Deck Med season 7 the deck crew were down two deckhands, Zee Dempers and his childhood buddy Storm Smith were MIA. The two South Africans were stuck in quarantine until the second day of charter. However, Captain Sandy still split the tip evenly among all eleven crew members. Storm and Zee weren’t given less despite not working the whole charter.

Co-primary charter guests Billy and Chris’s group gave the crew a $27,000 (USD) tip. They were impressed by interiors high level of service and Chef Dave’s best food dish creations. Although Billy made it clear repeatedly he was unimpressed with the deck crew, he and the other charter guests must’ve forgiven them because they were short two deckhands. All the crew members made $2,454 each

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From 2nd Charter Guests

Below Deck Med: Who Is Charter Guest Emily Beutler

Primary charter guest and real estate agent Emily Beutler, her boyfriend Noah and friends gave a generous charter tip despite issues with the deck team (Bravo).

Primary charter guest and real estate agent Emily Beutler (no, not Butler), her boyfriend Noah Stam and friends enjoyed a boozy second charter. They also were wowed by Chef Dave’s cooking. The overall charter experience suffered, however, from lack of leadership from bosun Raygan‘s lack of leadership. It took over an hour for all off the water toys to get set up. The deck crew also didn’t help Captain Sandy well enough docking, resulting the yacht hitting a dolphin.

Hiccups aside, Emily and the other charter guests tipped the crew $19,000 (USD) in total for the second charter. Divided by eleven crew members, each yachtie received $1,727 in tip money.

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From Primary Kristina & Charter Guests

Kristina and Other Charter Guests At Disco Night On Superyacht Home

Primary and real estate agent Kristina Rossetto enjoyed an all-girls yacht vacation alongside friends and family. Besides having a Studio 54-themed dinner and getting the deck crew to give them lap dances, the ladies enjoyed their time in the water. Kristina also celebrated her 50th birthday while aboard.

This group of charter guests loved their stay on Home and the tip reflected that. Kristina and the rest of the charter guests tipped the crew $20,000 or $1,800 per crew member! Not a bad few days of work.

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From Frank & Other Charter Guests

Chief Stewardess Natasha Webb and Steward Kyle Viljoen got very unprofessional and chummy with Frank Fay and his friends, charter guests Adam Spinner, Daniel, Dr. Mike Pophis and others.

Kyle got way too close and flirtatious with Frank while he was supposed to be serving the guests. However, the PDA paid off. Kyle got his kiss with Frank on the night out after the charter ended and the crew got a $20,000 tip. That’s another cool $1,800 for every crew member.

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From Lisa & Shelby’s Charter

Co-primary charter guests divorce attorney Lisa Moore and her daughter Shelby Guller had a great time with Shelby’s girlfriends in Malta. Although Storm was late getting them back from their beach picnic at dusk, most of the charter went off without a hitch. Even if Natasha and Kyle’s laziness meant drink delivery was sometimes late.

Like much of the drama and narrative on Below Deck Med season 7, the tip stayed the same as the previous two charters. The crew once again received a $20,000 tip and each crew member made $1,800.

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From Guest Myiesha’s Charter

Below Deck Med: Myiesha 'Mye' Griffin & Other Charter Guests

On the six charter, primary Myiesha Griffin and her group of girlfriends had a blast aboard superyacht Home. Fans commented on how this is how an all-girls charter should go, with lots of positivity. The ladies also got a special treat of watching Maltese pop singer sensation Destiny perform one of her hit songs.

Despite the charter guests only staying one night the crew still made a very generous tip of $14,000 or $1,272 for each crew member. At the end of this charter Jason Gaskell left the crew.

How Much Tip Money The Crew Made From Eric & Jonathan’s Charter

Returning charter guest Eric Cotsen and best friend Jonathan DePaz were accompanied by four beautiful young models, Diana, Hannah, Brett and Amanda. The crew had to deal with naked charter guests and the awkwardness between the older men and the younger women. It was all worthwhile, though, because the crew got their best tip yet. Eric and Jonathan left $27,500. That means each crew member made $2,500 for three days work! New deckhand Reid Jenkins arrived at the right time.

How Much Money Lila & Grace’s Parents Gave The Crew

Charter Guests Lila, Gracie, Garold, Katharine From Below Deck Med Season 7

Charter Guests Lila, Gracie, Garold, Katharine from Below Deck Med Season 7 on superyacht Home (Instagram).

Sisters Lila and Grace Miller came aboard superyacht Home with their parents and boyfriends. The bad weather put a damper on their trip because they couldn’t leave the harbor in Malta for the first two days. They did get to use the water toys in the meantime and got to set sail for the last few hours of their trip. Grace and Lila’s rich tech entrepreneur Garold likely paid for the yacht trip. He left the crew $18,000 in tip money or $1,600 per crew member. Not a bad tip considering the charter guests didn’t get to sail much.

Some fans were disgusted that Kyle didn’t even offer to give up his tip money. He injured himself and wasn’t much help on the charter, yet he made as much as everyone else.

How Much Money NFL Stars Jordan Reed & Dominique Easley’s Charter Gave The Crew

Who's Dominique Easley On Below Deck Med: NFL Star Charter Guest

NFL star Dominique Easley on Below Deck Med season 7, charter guest who’s friends with Josh Joseph (The Breakfast Club).

On the final charter, NFL stars Jordan Reed and Dominique Easley were aboard superyacht Home. They joined co-primary charter guests Josh Joseph and his daughter Sydni. Although Jordan lost his six-figure gold necklace and Dominique couldn’t get a proper pancake, the crew still made $20,000. Kyle, the constant whiner, was replaced by Stew Elena Dubaich. Each cast member on the last charter made $1,800.

How Much The Below Deck Med season 7 Crew Made In Total Tip Money

So, adding up all the charter tips, the Below Deck Med season 7 crew have made a total of $185,500 after nine charters (Captain Sandy had it wrong when she said $188,100). Each crew member on all nine charters made $16,753 in tip money. Compared to Below Deck season 9’s crew (each made $12,380), Home’s crew made almost $4,500 more. However, Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s cast members made almost exactly the same amount in tips! They each left with $16,762 in tip money or $9 more than Captain Sandy’s team! On the last episode of Below Deck Med season 7, production seemed to fudge the numbers a bit, with Captain Sandy rounding up and claiming each crew member made $17,000.

In episode 5 & 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Raygan was fired and Storm was promoted to provisional bosun. Below Deck Med season 6 Stew Courtney Veale joined the cast as a replacement deckhand. This means Raygan made a total of $4,181 in tip money while on the show. Courtney missed out on the first two tips, so she will make less than the rest of her remaining crewmates. Deckhand Jason quit the show early so he made a total of $10,853. Meanwhile, Reid joined for the last few charters, so he also made less than in tips than the original crew members.

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