Big Brother 25 Houseguest Bowie Jane: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Bowie Jane: All Fans Need To Know

At a record-breaking 100-day long season, Big Brother 25 is the Biggest Big Brother yet. As such we’re going to need some personalities that can stand the test of time. Big Brother’s Bowie Jane Ball can hold her own in front of a camera and command a room with her powerful personality. But will she be able to form the all-important alliances and keep others from threatening her own?

However she fares in her interactions with the rest of the cast, Bowie Jane is going to prove one of the more entertaining cast members. This is everything you need to know about Big Brother’s Bowie Jane.

Big Brother’s Bowie Jane: Age, DJ Job, TikTok, Facebook, Music, Current Home

Bowie Jane is one of the older cast members at 45 years of age. She is best known for her DJ work, which is extensively chronicled on Bowie Jane’s IG. Her 17,000 followers are no doubt aware that her song “Busted” featured on the CBS show SWAT. And since CBS is the network that features Big Brother, it was a no-brainer that she would eventually make it on the show. Her other hits include “Bad Boy“, “Miss U Hate U,” “Luv Bomb“, “Do Ya Do Ya,” and “Skeemer Girl.” She is an artistic, compassionate Pisces, born on February 25th in Australia. However she calls LA her current home.

Additionally, Bowie Jane is represented by The Sampson Agency according to LinkedIn.  She has a Facebook profile and a TikTok, which only has 511 followers. She hosts the podcast “Babes Behind The Beats” where she profiles and interviews female DJs and musicians like herself. In hosting the podcast she is joined by her friend Jess Bowen. She can also be found as a host and interview guest on Insomniac Radio. She has DJed an LA Dodgers game and performed at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Big Brother’s Bowie Jane: Lawyer Job, Sexuality, Gym, Family, Pet

However there is a lot more to Bowie Jane than music. She actually was a criminal lawyer in Australia and had some clients in the UK. She’s also well known for being non-binary and genderfluid, and is a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. These days music is more than paying the bills so she doesn’t spend a lot of time in the courtroom. Bowie Jane has some impressive gym skills and can be found working on her clean-and-jerk or doing Crossfit.

There isn’t much about her existing family on her socials though there are some touching tributes. Her Nanna Brett left this world in February 2018 and her Grand Pa passed in January 2021. Most of her family and cousins still live in Australia according to her Grand Pa’s tribute post including both her parents. Her closest family appears to be Billie, her Aussie Cattle Dog. You can check out Billie’s IG right here.

Bowie Jane’s energy and social skills should serve her well on Big Brother 25. We can’t wait to see what kind of mayhem she ends up creating.

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