Physical 100’s Hong Beom-Seok: Military Service, Firefighting Job, IG, YouTube, Family

Physical 100’s Hong Beom-Seok: Military Service, Firefighting Job, IG, YouTube, Family

You can be a certified killer and a legitimate threat and still get KO’d quickly on Physical 100. There were plenty of soldiers and reservists with actual combat experience on season 1. However, none of them made it to the finals and very few of them stood out personality-wise. The most high profile member of this group on Physical 100 season 2 is elite soldier Hong Beom-Seok. He’s the only returning contestant from season 1. When he showed up during the contestant introductions at the beginning of the season, competitors were scared of him. And when he was defeated in the deathmatch, it was viewed as a surprising upset.

Hong’s reputation is such that nobody would dare question his toughness or skills. But as we’ve been saying, it’s not how skilled you are compared to the general population. It’s how well you can hang with 99 other super elite individuals. Let’s learn what we can about Physical 100‘s Hong Beom-Seok.

Physical 100‘s Hong Beom-Seok : Military Service Record, Firefighting Job, YouTube, Instagram

Hong Beom-seok with flowers for a special someone

Hong Beom-seok with flowers for a special someone (Instagram).

The first thing anyone talks about Hong is his military service, so let’s lay it out in detail. He served in the Special Warfare Command since 2016, and then moved to the Airborne Special Warfare Brigade for one year. He has been part of the 707th Special Mission Battalion, the 11th Brigade until 2014, and the 707th Special Mission Battalion until 2017. When he was discharged, his final rank was that of sergeant. After his time in the military, Hong became a firefighter rescue specialist. In 2018, he beat out 150 other firefighters from all over the world to become the 2018 Toughest Firefighter Alive.

In 2022, Hong retired from firefighting to devote himself to physical competitions full-time. You can see his super intense training on his YouTube channel, which includes a heartfelt speech on his decision to quit firefighting. That video alone has over one million views, and Hong’s channel boasts a very impressive 202,000 subscribers. His videos are varied, showing firefighting skills, intense gym regimens, and speed showcases on the track. He does have an Instagram, but the numbers aren’t as impressive at only 67,000 followers. Here we can glimpse tons of fan art, see his passion for soccer, or check out his favorite clips from his many shows.

Physical 100 Season 2’s Hong Beom-Seok: Other Shows, Cast Connection, Sponsorships, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Family

Speaking of his shows, Hong is a natural in front of the camera. He likes to compete on shows like The Soldiers, which is a competition between, surprise, elite soldiers. He is connected to Agent H aka Hwang Ji-Hoon, another terrifying super soldier and former Physical 100 competitor. The two are friends to this day and Hong is part of Hwang’s kthd video production company. Hong also appears to have his own apparel brand, No Easy Day, and he is sponsored by fitness brand Hyrox.

We also know that Hong is 37 years of age, turning that age on May 19, 1986. This makes him a competitive and determined Taurus. We don’t see a lot about his family, but scrolling through his IG shows that he has two sons. He has been married to his wife since he was quite young (22). We do not know her name though we can see a post where he appreciates her from November 2022. Hong has all the tools to win Physical 100 Underground, he just needs things to break his way.

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