Perfect Match: Are LC And Nick Still Together After Show

Perfect Match: Are LC And Nick Still Together After Show

Perfect Match is over, leaving fans wondering about Nick Uhlenhuth (The Circle) and Lauren “LC” Chamblin (Love Is Blind). The likelihood that Nick and LC are still together was always pretty nonexistent. Unlucky in love LC was also brought in at an unlucky time on the show– when it was practically over! And Nick had already gotten eliminated way back in episode 5 and just happened to be brought back in. So they barely had any time to connect and work on their relationship. While the dorky and earnest LC was clearly crushing on the calculating Nick, he did not reciprocate her feelings even as he disgracefully led her on.

This was better than the energy of Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind)‘s date with LC, but that is an extremely low bar. It was so sad watching the light go out of LC’s eyes when Nick let her down easy at the end of their date in the jungle. The 30-year-old Nick and the 31-year old LC stood awkwardly next to each other on the final episode. They basically confirmed that they were not perfect matches. However they confirmed they had had some flirty Instagram DM banter before the show. Is there any hope for these two nerds to reconnect in time for a reunion episode? Let’s examine the evidence and see.

Are LC And Nick Still Together? Social Media Evidence Says No

Perfect Match star LC enjoying a cocktail

Perfect Match star LC enjoying a cocktail (Instagram).

If we believe this comment by mastermind villain Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle) on Abbey Humphreys’ (TwentySomethings) livestream, nobody from the show is together. Nick’s Instagram seems more fixated on Francesca than anyone. He has an admittedly funny bit where he makes fun of how awkward he was around Francesca. He has group pictures with the rest of The Circle gang, but not even one with LC. LC did comment with 4 red hearts under Nick’s obligatory thank you post, but he didn’t even bother replying.

Over on LC’s IG she is firing back at haters for criticizing her. Allegedly, she is being blamed for triggering the fight between Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind) and Chloe Veitch (The Circle)? Nick does jump in a little farther down and says “best for last”. LC comes back with “we shall see!” and follows up with a googly eye-peeking through fingers-laughing with one sweat drop- emoji combo. A nice interaction, but very little to suggest that these two are anything more than cordial with one another.

Bartise on a podcast also said that none of the Perfect Match couples lasted. So it’s safe to say this fake and staged showmance relationship ended as soon as the left filming in Panama.

LC And Nick Wouldn’t Work Due To Long-Distance

Nick with his cute Bernedoodle dog

Nick with his cute Bernedoodle dog (Instagram).

We also have to remember that LC and Nick would have the long distance thing to deal with. This factor has been the death of much stronger couples, including season winners Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) and Dom Gabriel (The Mole). LC is a proud Atlantan and Nick resides in Austin, Texas. That’s a distance of over 900 miles. And although this might not be the most important detail, LC is a cat mom to Blue. Nick is devoted to Murphy, the Bernedoodle. He had a dog named Bruce who crossed the rainbow bridge before that.

It really seems like this was a mismatch connection from the start. Nick also killed any future romance when he went behind LC’s back and again tried to match with Francesca. Once again Nick couldn’t be satisfied with the good thing he had in front of him.

Perfect Match's LC with her cat Blue

Perfect Match‘s LC with her cat Blue (Instagram).

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