Perfect Match’s Mitchell: The Circle Star’s IG, TikTok, Jobs & More

Perfect Match's Mitchell: The Circle Star's IG, TikTok, Jobs & More

Perfect Match‘s Mitchell Eason (The Circle) came to the show to do what he does best — stir up controversy. He quickly lit a flame under his old flame, Chloe Veitch (The Circle) and she took another chance on him. They frolicked in the pool and accidentally cooled down hotheaded Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind) with an errant splash of water. However, Chloe, age 23, soon regretted sending her new man-child Shayne, age 33, home and Mitch bizarrely said he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship. Even though Mitchell and Chloe won the seventh compatibility challenge, they were pretty much done by that point. Before he ferked off, Mitch embarrassed himself trying to split eventual show winners Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) and Dom Gabriel (The Mole). On the final episode, he tried to imply that there were a lot of similarities between himself and Shayne, an idea which the entire cast shot down.

Mitch was and is a bit of a joke with his cringy “ferk” catchphrase, but at least he’s entertaining. He might also have been the drunkest guy on the show, which could explain his constant  cringey comments. And, as the very randy Chloe pointed out, there’s the insistence on staying a virgin. Is there anything else to Mitch besides controversy and awkwardness? Let’s find out.

Perfect Match‘s Mitchell: Past Controversies, Age, Modelling Job, Virgin Status, Religion, Website Business, Mansion

Basically, our boy Mitch’s behavior can be explained by his religious views. The whole “ferk” thing comes from the same place as wanting to stay pure. He refuses to swear or have sex for religious reasons. Anyway, if you want to help monetize Mitch’s annoying efforts to make ferk happen, you can buy clothing with that word on it from his businsess website. On this website you can find Mitch modelling his own clothing with a Blue Steel stare. That’s because he has some modelling experience and has participated in at least one New York Fashion Week.

Somehow, Mitch has come to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills. However, speculation is rampant that he went in on the purchase with some other influencers and they all live there. At 24 years-old, Mitch has done a lot on the business side of things, running his own landscaping company and working as a realtor. Then again, his mom Tammy (who also appeared on The Circle)is also a real estate agent in his Pennsylvania hometown so there’s that. He’s also attracted his share of controversy, allegedly posing in front of the Confederate flag. Again, remember that Pennsylvania is not part of the American South. Did you know they were the first state to pass a law against slavery? However that history lesson probably went over blithely unaware pretty boy Mitchell.

Perfect Match‘s Mitchell: YouTube, Twitter, IG, Cameo & TikTok

While he used to rely a lot on the platform, Mitch’s YouTube channel has really petered out. There’s plenty of evidence of Mitch’s Harley fascination there, but only 16,200 subscribers. Mitch’s Twitter is also small but loud and annoying, with only 6,108 followers. From this account, we see he is very proud of the headfirst dive he took into a very shallow pool of foam in Episode 7.

When we check out old reliable Instagram, we see Mitch’s IG is a lot healthier with 255,000 followers. He is very religious, pun intended, about his fitness and abstention challenges which he documents there. You’ll also find deep thoughts like “Treat your life like a rap song and treat your wife like country song.” Mitch’s Tiktok is similar in terms of follower count, 252,800, and content, with many more Questions of the Day. Finally, you can get a personalized message from your boy at Mitch’s Cameo for the decent price of $75 USD. What a steal.

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