Below Deck S11 Fans Are Dragging Dylan’s Dancing For Guests & Car Fund

Below Deck S11 Fans Are Dragging Dylan's Dancing For Guests & Car Fund

South African deckhand Dylan De Villiers is getting dragged again online, this time for hitting on the daughters of Primary Charter Guests Noreen and Rob Curry. On episode 15 of Below Deck season 11, Dylan tried to do his best Chippendales strip tease for the young ladies aboard superyacht St. David. Now, Below Deck viewers are dragging Dylan’s dancing, inappropriate flirtations, and car fundraising he’s doing on Instagram.

Dylan’s lack of game had fans cringing as soon as he joined the season 11 crew as the replacement for fired Bosun Jared Woodin. On the crew day off, he tried his best to impress stewardess Paris Field. However, she found his humor childish and awkward. The quick-witted Australian mocked him and rejected his attempts to flirt. After that, he took his shot with deckhand coworker Sunny Marquis, despite her being in a messy relationship with Bosun Ben Willoughby. She rebuffed him immediately. Rejected twice, Dylan was looking to rebound with one of the young charter guests.

Last week fans were coming to Dylan’s defense after Andy Cohen eviscerated him on Watch What Happens Live. But fans found it hard to stand up for Dylan’s awkward and poor game on the latest episode.

While on night watch, Dylan started playing a game of truth or dare with the primaries’ two daughters (Kate and Sarah) and their friends Chloe and Daly. With his interest in Sarah, although not knowing her name when telling Sunny he’d go for her, he tried to impress her by following through on a dare to take off his shirt and dance for them while they watched in the hot tub.

Charter guest Sarah Curry at dinner on Below Deck season 11

Charter guest Sarah Curry at dinner on Below Deck season 11 (Bravo).

Below Deck Season 11 Fans Are Dragging Dylan’s Dancing & Rapping Skills

Dylan trying to make some moves and get the contacts of the charter guests

Dylan trying to make some moves and get the contacts of the charter guests (Bravo).

“Omg Dylan is so cringe I can’t even watch this!!!” wrote one viewer on Reddit.

“Yep, Dylan unfortunately just needs to keep his mouth shut,” another added.

“Gyah it is just PAINFUL to watch Dylan interact with women and the entire time I’m just sitting there cringing, hoping all those girls aren’t minors,” someone else chimed in.

“I have never cringed so hard as I have at Dylan’s dare fulfillment,” another viewer wrote.

This was after Dylan rapped about how he was going to take one of them back to his cabin to show them his package.

“Let me get your guys’ Instagram so when I come that way you can show me around,” Dylan asked after giving them a show. The girls seemed somewhat impressed and one of them said Sarah would show him the best restaurants in LA when he visits. Sarah still follows Dylan on IG, but it’s unclear if he ever ended up visiting her while he was in LA later last year after they met.

X/Twitter users also weren’t fans of Dylan’s latest antics.

Dylan isn’t letting his detractors get the best of him though. He started a fundraiser before episode 15, trying to raise $2,500 to fix up his WRX STI Hawkeye Subaru car from hitting up fans. He said anything he made over the amount he was asking for would go to charity. Some found it distasteful, and let him know in the comments.

“Just because it worked for a former cast member to get a sailboat up and running, I don’t think you getting a car up and running should be paid for by the public. What did you do with the money you earned on the show?” said one detractor. Nevertheless, Dylan claims he got the money he asked for and is putting people’s names and Instagram handles as decals on the car as a sign of appreciation.

Fans shouldn’t expect Dylan’s happy-go-lucky cheerfulness and weak attempts to hit on women to wane. He tried hitting on Barbie Pascual before the final charter in the episode 16 sneak peek. He told her muscles on women are sexy and asked her to flex so he could feel her one bicep.

Perhaps fans should cut Dylan some slack, though. He also opened up on the latest episode about how hard his dad was on him growing up, and the relentless bullying he faced in school. Since then, he’s learned to keep a positive attitude and get a chiseled physique. Now the 25-year-old just needs to work on sanding his rough and awkward edges.

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