Perfect Match’s LC: Love Is Blind Star’s IG, Job, Friends & More

Perfect Match's LC: Love Is Blind Star's IG, Job, Friends & More

Perfect Match‘s LC, aka Lauren Chamblin (Love Is Blind), joins the fray during the season’s final four episodes. The sympathetic LC has been through quite a bit of relationship drama in the past. Fans will be hoping she finally finds true love. However, this is Perfect Match, and we know that she’s going to end up humiliated and destroyed again! LC was one of the three women being pursued by Matt Barnett in Season 1 of Love Is Blind. When Matt ended up saying yes to Amber Pike instead, LC ended up briefly dating Mark Cuervas, who was rejected by Jessica Batten at the altar. At After The Altar, LC revealed that Mark cheated on her and gave her COVID to boot. Today Mark and Jessica are married (to other people, obviously), Matt and Amber are still together, and poor LC is still all alone.

So, who’s going to be LC’s onscreen partner? All of the advertised cast members have already entered the arena. It looks like she and Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind) hit it off after getting matched in the boardroom. Perfect Match co-star Damian Powers was on the same season as LC, who was clearly biding his time with Ines Tazi (The Circle France). Let’s find out more about LC, who has no idea what she’s getting herself into (again).

Perfect Match’s LC: Podcast, Pet Cat, Age, Zodiac, Job, Friendships

Perfect Match star LC enjoying a cocktail

Perfect Match star LC enjoying a cocktail (Instagram).

It’s very sad that LC has failed to find her soulmate, because she seems like a fun person. The 31-year-old Atlanta native recently celebrated her birthday on February 17th. This makes her a creative, self-reliant Aquarius.

At the moment, LC is a proud cat mom to Blue and was the host of the Permission To Enter podcast. She works in Talent Acquisition, per her LinkedIn. She maintains close friendships with other cast members, including current Perfect Match participants Diamond Jack (Love Is Blind season 1) and Abbey Humphreys (Twentysomethings).

Perfect Match’s LC: Instagram, TikTok, Cameo

Perfect Match's LC with her cat Blue

Perfect Match‘s LC with her cat Blue (Instagram).

At 71, 100 followers, LC’s Instagram is small but fun. Goofy faces, drunk reviews, and positive political activism set her apart from the other influencers in the cast. LC’s TikTok showcases her unique talent for voice acting. However, only 2,009 people follow her to see her do it. There’s also LC’s Cameo, where the price of a video is a ridiculously low $15.

Let’s hope someone eventually values LC for her true worth! Somehow we don’t see Bartise fitting the bill.

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