Chase Replaces A Fired Deckhand On BDSY Season 5 Fans Suspect

Chase Replaces A Fired Deckhand On BDSY Season 5 Fans Suspect

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 deckhand and goofball Chase Lemacks appears to have joined the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5 cast midway through filming the charter season in Ibiza, Spain. BDSY fans on Reddit pointed out Chase hasn’t been active on his Instagram since July 10. That wouldn’t exactly be notable. However, every day before that Chase was giving daily updates on renovating his sailboat. To add to the theory, he’s now following some suspected new BDSY season 5 cast members on Instagram, too. It looks like Chase replaces a fired deckhand on BDSY season 5.

On the two-part BDSY season 4 reunion, Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher and First Officer Gary King were both in hotel rooms in Spain, leading fans to speculate they’re dating on BDSY season 5. The reunion was shot in later June, 2023, and BDSY season 5 started filming in the middle of June. So Daisy, Gary and Captain Glenn Shephard took some time off filming the latest season to pre-record the season 4 reunion. However, Chase was still living in south Florida on his newly bought sailboat, refurbishing his boat for fans of his new sailor influencer project.

“Chase appears to have vanished off social media. It’s making me wonder if he has ended up back on Parsifal III as a replacement to someone as I know they are filming at the moment,” said Reddit user u/Lanky-Conclusion-9521 in a top post on subreddit r/belowdeck.

Fans Theory Chase Replaces A Fired Deckhand On BDSY Season 5 Strong Due His Recent IG Follows

“I hope so. I wouldn’t mind watching him again. Not at all. He seems like a very kindhearted, emotionally aware person and I love having that energy around to balance out the manic energy of the other cast members,” another fan chimed in.

Chase began posting daily videos of his progress on fixing up his recently purchased 1994 Beneteau Oceanis 510 sailboat on June 22. He also started sailing lessons and shared his plan to sail the Caribbean in the fall of 2023 and then sail across the Pacific Ocean in 2024. He created a YouTube channel called Chasing Grace, following in the footsteps of Chief Engineer Colin MacRae and his channel Sailing Parlay Revival.

So, Chase stopped building his audience and preparing his sailboat suddenly. The most logical explanation is the fan-favorite deckhand got another casting call from BDSY TV execs. He certainly had momentum going for him in his aspiring influencer career. He now has 134,000 followers on Instagram.

But under the radar social media activity further suggests Chase is in Ibiza, Spain, filming BDSY season 5. Chase recently followed yacht chef Cloyce Martin and yachtie stewardess Danni Warren, both recently followed or following BDSY season 5 charter guest and Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon, who recently posted pictures of her trip on superyacht Parsifal III.

Furthermore, Chef Cloyce has followed a bunch of people vacationing or living in Ibiza in the past few weeks and stew Danni followed Chase, Gary, and others tired to BDSY season 5 back in June.

Chase Didn’t Like Gary’s Leadership On BDSY Season 4

Bringing Chase back on BDSY season 5 as a replacement for a fired deckhand on BDSY season 5 is a no-brainer for casting. The South Carolinian jokester won himself a major fanbase last season as he grew on viewers throughout the charter season. On top of that, Gary said he loves working with Chase and that he’s one of the hardest workers he’s ever seen.

Adding to his attractiveness for casting, Chase chastised Gary’s leadership on the season 4 reunion. He also trashed Gary in season 4 for going after stewardess Mads Herrera after he himself had expressed interest in her. Bringing Chase back on Parsifal III could cause some serious friction between two big egos in the deck department. Another strong sign Chase is returning for BDSY season 5 is if he attends BravoCon 2023 in November.

We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Bravo. Right now, all signs point to Chase getting called to work on the BDSY season 5’s deck crew.

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