Barbie Pascual Is Defending Jill Zarin For Below Deck Season 11 Rude Antics

Barbie Pascual Is Defending Jill Zarin For Below Deck Season 11 Rude Antics

Hot-headed and hardworking stewardess Barbie Pascual is defending Jill Zarin after Below Deck fans mercilessly dragged the housewife online for her demands and rude complaining while chartering superyacht St. David. Although not as bad as Erica Rose and her husband Charles on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, former Real Housewives of New York star Jill still really rocked the boat quite a bit, incessantly bashing the service and exhausting the short-staffed interior team. Bravo viewers found Jill incredibly rude and accused her of being a freeloader charter guest after watching her on Below Deck season 11’s episode nine.

Yet, despite all the attacks, Barbie had Jill’s back, even though Argentinian brunette took the brunt of catering to Jill’s every whim. Besides overwhelming Barbie with the orders at lunch, Jill suggested Chief Steward Fraser Olender by an electric buzzer so the charter guests could ring them whenever they needed something. She also bragged about Primary Charter Guest Melinda Springer‘s husband Noah’s dad inventing the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and being the captain of her own boat.

However, fans found it most distasteful when Jill demanded a toiletries basket, chastising Barbie for not including them at the outset of the trip.

“Jill was right about this. And she was not so over the top guys. The doorbell, it was too much. Everything else, I think it was pretty logical,” Barbie said in an Instagram story.

Barbie, a bit of a diva herself if you ask her boss Fraser, continued to downplay Jill’s perceived rude antics on the show in an Instagram story.

Barbie Pascual Is Defending Jill Zarin For Below Deck Season 11 Rude Antics

“You guys, I watched the show back and I don’t think that Jill was as bad as it looked. And, I just want to say, there were so many other moments where she was super fun, and sweet, and nice. Even though she was super demanding, she wasn’t rude. And the things that she wanted are actually normal yacht requirements and, you know, I screwed up lunch. She was right. She just wanted nugget ice in her diet coke,” Barbie said.

Although Barbie doesn’t think Jill was so bad, it’s unlikely French Chef Anthony Iracane agrees. Captain Kerry Titheradge could very well end up firing Chef Anthony soon after his issues cooking for Jill and her picky eater friend.

“Like that’s not a big deal. It’s not like she was asking for mixed drinks. It’s not like she was asking for margaritas all day, which I would’ve made her, with orange juice. But like a diet coke with nugget ice, you know, it’s not so serious. The doorbell thing, way [too much].”

It turns out Barbie is actually a huge fan of Jill’s. She grew up watching Zarin on Bravo in RHONY seasons 1 to 4, and 9 to 12 (as a guest). In fact, Barbie told Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen last month on Watch What Happens Live she aspires to be a housewife on the network one day. Not only that, on the show Barbie said she loves Jewish people — which Jill is — and intends to convert to Judaism.

“I just felt that something had to be said because Jill really was not so bad. And watching the episode back, ooh, I ran her name through the mud. And I’ve been watching Jill on TV for years. Like I’m a housewives girlie. And, um, I take it back. And she really is not so bad. You guys, were on a mega yacht.” Below Deck charter guests certainly pay a lot of money to charter a superyacht, so expectations are high. Barbie also isn’t a stranger to living in luxury. She often stays at swanky five-star hotels around the globe on her rich dad‘s dime.

Although Jill likely appreciated the kind words, she needed no help standing up for herself. Zarin already posted her own defense on IG. “I think they needed someone to spice it up, and they got me — for free. And I did for sure live up to that. But let me tell you, I’m speaking to them on text messages, it’s all good.”

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