Does Chef Anthony Get Fired On Below Deck S11? Clues Say Yes

Does Chef Anthony Get Fired On Below Deck S11? Clues Say Yes

Chef Anthony Iracane from Below Deck season 11 started off the charter season on superyacht St. David a bit shaky. The first group of charter guests, the French culinary master struggled to get dishes out in a timely fashion, making dinner go super late. On top of that, he failed to make enough food for the Below Deck season 11 crew. Now, after failing to account for Primary Charter Guest Melinda Springer‘s dietary restrictions he’s in trouble. But does Chef Anthony get fired on Below Deck?

Captain Kerry Titheradge had to talk to Chef Anthony about his issues with timing and feeding the cast early on during season 11. In the end, the chef course correct and started to hit every dish out of the park with guests. However, domineering Jill Zarin‘s demands, along with stew Barbie Pascual‘s terrible relaying of orders for lunch, threw the burned out chef off his game. On the lunch on the second day of charter, Barbie made things difficult for Chef Anthony. She wrote down orders wrong, and messily, making it impossible for Chef Anthony to read due to his dyslexia. In the end, dishes went out wrong. Things had to get fixed on orders, making some of the food cold.

Of course, Jill made things worse, openly complaining in front of Captain Kerry. Although the lunch mistakes were largely out of the chef’s control, Captain Kerry still laid the blame with him. Then, Jill requested sushi as part of dinner. A frazzled Chef Anthony forgot to think up an alternative option for Melinda, who among her many dietary restrictions also requested no raw fish.

“This is a disaster,” Chief Stew Fraser Olender said after the primary asked is there was any without raw fish.

Fraser then tattled to Captain Kerry about the issue. The captain then went to the galley to see what happened.

“Did we forget to do a veggie option on the sushi?” Captain Kerry said, clearly annoyed and frustrated.

Does Chef Anthony Get Fired On Below Deck S11? Clues Say Yes

“Yeah, when she talked to me, I said tuna and wahoo. She said okay, great. And can we have carrots and celery. But that’s true, we never talked about sushi. You were there, huh?” Chef Anthony answered.

“What’s happening is if Jill’s rattling our cage too much, and we’re focusing on Jill, we should be focusing on the primary,” Captain Kerry explained.

“But it’s not a mistake he should make. The primary is who you focus on, they are number one. He is in charge of that. That’s his [bleep-up], and it’s a major [bleep-up],” Captain Kerry said. “He’s out of his depth and he is just imploding. I can’t afford these mistakes anymore.”

Things only got worse on episode 10, when Chef Anthony messed up dinner. Captain Kerry sat with the guests and noticed the food was cold and didn’t taste great, and also took too long to come out.

Although Chef Anthony didn’t get fired at the end of the charter, his days on the show are likely numbered. Captain Kerry made it pretty clear he’d only give him one more chance. And with the former Below Deck Adventure captain set to fire more cast members than ever before, Chef Anthony clearly on the chopping block is a bad sign.

Even worse, however, is Chef Anthony messed up yet another dish on the first lunch of Primary Charter Guest Carmen’s group, serving a guest fish tacos despite her not eating fish. He then made her a Caesar salad as a replacement dish. But the guest also wrote on her preference sheet she doesn’t like vegetables. “The King and Queen keep taxing the interior and the galley as Chef Anthony spirals,” reads part of the blurb for episode 12, Bit of an Ick. Episode 13, Happy Captain Happy Life, states, “St. David welcomes a new crew member who is thrown into the fire with social media-addicted guests.” That certainly sounds like a chef replacement for a fired Anthony. Especially since Barbie resolved her issues with Fraser for now.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s another bad sign Anthony gets fired, Below Deck season 10‘s stew Hayley De Sola Pinto is set to return as a replacement stewardess on season 11. She also happens to have become good friends with Below Deck Down Under season 2‘s hilariously zany and witty Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph. Could Hayley have become good friends with Chef Tzarina after the latter replaced Chef Anthony on Below Deck season 11? It’s certainly in the realm of possibility, especially since OG Below Deck Chef Ben Robinson replaced fired chefs in previous seasons.

Chef Tzarina and Hayley getting close on their trip to Spain together

Chef Tzarina and Hayley getting close on their trip to Spain together (Instagram).

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