Jill Zarin Is Dismissing Below Deck Fans Dragging Her Rudeness On Season 11

Jill Zarin Is Dismissing Below Deck Fans Dragging Her Rudeness On Season 11

Former Real Housewives of New York villain Jill Zarin made quite the impression to fans and Below Deck season 11’s crew as a charter guest on superyacht St. David. Primary Charter Guest Melinda Springer and her husband Noah invited Jill and her fashion executive boyfriend Gary Brody on a charter with them to stunning Grenada on Below Deck season 11. An overbearing Jill took it upon herself to act as if she were the primary throughout their stay. Viewers couldn’t believe it, and dragged the housewife online. Now, Jill Zarin is dismissing Below Deck fans calling her out for freeloading and barking orders.

On episode 9, Jill made herself at home and started bossing around Captain Kerry Titheradge‘s crew. After bragging about how her friend Noah’s father “invented” the Moderna Covid vaccine to Chief Steward Fraser Olender, she proceeded to brag to Captain Kerry about captaining her own boat. “I have captained a boat myself. But not a boat like this. The furthest I went was Newport. But I wouldn’t go to Nantucket or anything.”

Jill then proceeded to wreak havoc on the interior team. “I need another stew just for Jill,” Barbie Pascual said after the former housewife demanded a basket of toiletries and reprimanded them for not offering them from the outset.

“You should have Tums in the bathroom. That was all. There’s chocolates on the pillows right?” Jill chastised.

The next day at lunch, she told Fraser they should buy a buzzer from Amazon for the Primary to use to call interior whenever they please. “Jill is crawling into my brain and eating away at my soul,” Fraser said in a melodramatic monologue. During lunch, Barbie’s messy writing confused Chef Anthony Iracane, which slowed and mixed-up orders. Jill pounced and blasted the mistakes, demanding food be reheated and fixed. She then ordered to talk to the chef and requested sushi and raw veggies as part of dinner.

Below Deck fans didn’t mince words bashing Jill’s obnoxious behavior, acting like she ran the place.

Jill Zaring bragging to Captain Kerry

Former housewife Jill Zaring bragging to Captain Kerry (Bravo).

Jill Zarin Is Dismissing Below Deck Fans Dragging Her Rudeness On Season 11

“Jill Zarin” trended on X/Twitter after episode 9 aired with hundreds basing her.

Redditors joined in too. “Oh my god, how much main character syndrome does Jill possess?? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT UP!!” said one fan.

“Freaking Jill is turning my stomach. I was a RHONY fan so I’m already familiar with her. She is so over-the-top now,” another added.

Despite getting dragged hard on the Internet for low-class behavior, Jill isn’t sorry.

“Good morning guys. I’m on my way to Kate’s officer to get some Botox and lip injections. But I wanted to talk about last night for a quick second. First of all, I had a great time and I’m so grateful to my friends Melinda and her husband Noah for inviting Gary and I for an amazing couple of days,” Jill started on an Instagram story. She then explained away her behavior as just part of showbiz.

“You’re only on the boats for less than 48 hours, it seems like you’re on longer. We loved the crew. I especially loved the captain. Um, you know, it’s a television show. They’ve had a really tough season, I think they needed someone to spice it up, and they got me — for free. And I did for sure live up to that. But let me tell you, I’m speaking to them on text messages, it’s all good. Nobody hates me, um, it’s a television show, and I had a great time. And hopefully they learned a few lessons from momma Jill because yes I’m an experienced yachter. Some of them aren’t. As one of them said, she’s never been on a boat this big. The biggest she’d been on is 70 or 80 feet. So it’s okay. It’s all good. Um, and by the way, about the stuff in the bathroom…”

The message then cut out. The last guests to cause so much outrage from the fanbase were Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3‘s Erica Rose and her husband Charles. Chuck gave a crying apology in the end. For now, Jill is defiant despite many detractors.

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