BDSY: Colin & Girlfriend Britt’s Relationship Timeline Breakdown

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s Chief Engineer Colin MacRae and Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher clashed on the two-part reunion over Colin dating another woman before and after the Bravo reality TV co-stars dated. Colin mentioned his now-girlfriend Brittany Amodeo when in a heated argument with Daisy about the broken trust in their ill-fated relationship. Now fans want to know more about Colin and girlfriend Britt’s relationship timeline after Daisy said Colin was with her when they were trying to figure out if they were going to be together.

BDSY: Colin & Girlfriend Britt's Relationship Timeline Breakdown

BDSY star Colin’s girlfriend Brittany Amodeo on his catamaran (Instagram).

“You also slept with her when you and I were trying to be together,” Daisy said to Colin on the BDSY season 4 reunion. “Oh why don’t we do a [bleeping] shoutout to you and your girlfriend. Why don’t we do that!? When you’re out there living with her on a boat? Why don’t we film that!?”

Fans wrongly assumed Colin cheated on Daisy and Brittany because of the muddled messiness of the reunion. The accusations got so bad Colin posted a message on Instagram to clear the air.

Colin's statement denying ever cheating on Daisy or now-girlfriend Brittany

Colin’s statement denying ever cheating on Daisy or now-girlfriend Brittany (Instagram).

BDSY Star Colin & Girlfriend Brittany’s Relationship Timeline

Colin's girlfriend Brittany with other Parlay Revival crew members at the Newport boat show

Colin’s girlfriend Brittany with other Parlay Revival crew members at the Newport boat show (Instagram).

On the reunion, Daisy disclosed that after she and Colin had been kissing in a hotel in Sardinia, Italy, Colin told her on superyacht Parsifal III he had been hooking up with another woman right before who’s part of his Parlay Revival catamaran crew, but that they weren’t in a relationship. Daisy says she immediately put up her guard. She cited his romantic relationship as one of the reasons she still flirted with Chief Officer Gary King throughout the season and kissed deckhand Alex Propson on the first crew night out.

“So when I found out he had broken up with his ex girlfriend in April [2022], I was like, okay, great. Not great because they broke up, but great because possibly something could happen between Colin and I. We knew we liked each other. It was — we could feel it. So I turn up to the boat and I find out that he has been sleeping with someone that he works with,” Daisy said on the BDSY season 4 reunion.

Colin publicly announced he was dating Italian beauty Silvia Latini in Jan. 2022. On the BDSY season 3 reunion, Colin announced they had decided to go their separate ways earlier in the year.

Colin hired current girlfriend Brittany in the spring of 2022 when he was looking for a new videographer. He announced he fired his previous video crew in early March and he was going to hire someone else. Canadian videographer and surfer Brittany’s first edited video for Parlay Revival’s YouTube channel was published on April 3, 2022.

When Colin joined the BDSY season 4 crew in June, he and Brittany weren’t officially dating. But Colin wanted to be honest with Daisy and told her about the situationship.

Colin and Daisy then started a boatmance throughout the six-week charter season. Upon leaving, they agreed to stay in close touch but broke up at the time.

He then rekindled things with Brittany, but by the middle of September decided he wanted to pursue a relationship with Daisy. He flew her out to the Newport International Boat Show from September 14-17. The Parlay Revival crew, including Brittany, were also at the event.

After Colin dated Daisy for a few months, he broke up with her in December. On the reunion, Colin said he started officially dating Brittany “six to eight” weeks later. So they became a couple in January or February 2023. Colin and Brittany still haven’t made their relationship Instagram official.

Colin & Girlfriend Brittany Currently Sailing In Tahiti, Crossing Pacific Ocean

Colin, Brittany and the rest of the Parlay Revival crew are currently sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Right now they’re enjoying beautiful scenery in Tahiti in the French Polynesia.

Colin sharing an Instagram story from Tahiti on July 21, 2023

Colin sharing an Instagram story from Tahiti on July 21, 2023 (Instagram).

Colin's girlfriend Britt sharing a video from Tahiti

Colin’s girlfriend Britt sharing a video from Tahiti (Instagram).

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