BDSY: Colin & Daisy’s Relationship & Breakup Timeline Explained

BDSY: Colin & Daisy's Relationship & Breakup Timeline Explained

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s finale left Chief Engineer Colin MacRae and Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher‘s relationship status with a big question mark. It’s no secret Colin and Daisy broke up sometime after filming in Sardinia, Italy, for season 4. Daisy made it clear she wasn’t dating Colin or First Officer Gary King in interviews at the start of BDSY season 4 premiering. But even after the heated two-part BDSY season 4 reunion episode, when and exactly how Colin and Daisy’s relationship soured remains somewhat murky. Andy Cohen did try his best to dissect the BDSY co-stars’ boatmance on the pre-recorded BDSY season 4 two-part reunion episodes. However, viewers had lots of remaining questions. Let’s take a close look at Colin and Daisy’s relationship and breakup timeline.

Before starting to fool around on BDSY season 4, Colin and Daisy flirted and became good friends. They first met on BDSY season 2, where they became fast friends. Although Daisy was single the past two seasons, Colin was dating different now-ex girlfriends each of those seasons. That said, Daisy claims there was definitely a spark between them they never pursued due to Colin being a loyal boyfriend.

Colin Hit On Daisy When They Were Friends On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Seasons 2 & 3

Yet, on the season 4 reunion, Daisy claims Colin hit on her at the end of both seasons 2 and 3. That despite being in a long-term relationships each time.

“Why don’t we go back to season 2 when we finished filming. When you were in your serious relationship with your girlfriend, and you pulled me aside at the bar, and you were like, ‘Oh, if I was single, you are definitely the person I wanted to hook up with.’ And you grabbed me by my waist and I flicked it off and I was like ‘[bleep] you’. Then end of season three, you pulled me aside, down on the pontoon when we were having a party, and you were like, ‘I really wanna kiss you.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, well this is awkward because you’re in a serious relationship,'” Daisy said in a heated moment of the reunion.

Despite Colin’s questionable behavior behind his girlfriends’ backs, Daisy also felt an attraction for Colin. The chief engineer admits he told Daisy he had a crush on her while in previous relationships. But he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Colin and Daisy’s unexplored attraction for one another was suddenly able to be pursued on BDSY season 4. They began flirting early on, with light banter, lots of eye contact and smiles, as well as Daisy getting touchy during one-on-one conversations. midway through the season they began making out back on Parsifal III after a crew night out involving heavy drinking.

Colin and Daisy’s Romantic Relationship Started Before BDSY Season 4

BDSY stars Colin and Daisy celebrating the chief engineer's birthday on a motorcycle date outside of LA

BDSY stars Colin and Daisy celebrating the chief engineer’s birthday on a motorcycle date outside of LA (Instagram).

As some astute viewers presumed by their comfortability kissing, they’d already started hooking up prior. Colin revealed at the season 4 reunion they began “hooking up” at their hotel they stayed in in Sardinia, before filming started.

“Daisy and I hooked up before this season. I rang Gary, and I told him, I said, ‘Hey, bro, I just wanna know how you feel.’ He was stoked about it. I told [Captain Glenn Shephard]. … Glenn was happy about it, Daisy was in my hotel room days before filming. We had started something already. So we go into the show, and I’ve got this engine [bleeped] up…”

After that the two began to regularly hook up and show affection on Parsifal III in the middle of the charter season, much to the chagrin of womanizer Gary. He tried his best to torpedo the relationship by divulging that him and Daisy hooked up at the end of BDSY season 3 and on at trip to LA together. On top of that, King cad started pursuing Daisy — even though he was hooking up with stewardess Mads Herrera all season — by constantly love-bombing Daisy. He got touchy feely, saying he still had strong feelings for her. He also planted seeds of doubt into Colin’s head by telling him Daisy kept asking him how things were going with Mads.

“It’s very sad. I think Gary could have been less flirty with Daisy, but I think if I were in Colin’s shoes I would expect Daisy to push back a bit harder when Gary’s being flirty. And I think that’s just their nature,” Captain Glenn said, giving his diplomatic verdict on the situation.

Colin & Daisy Broke Up At End Of Filming BDSY Season 4 & Colin Dated Now-Girlfriend Brittany

Fans suspect BDSY star Colin MacRae is dating Parlay Revival crew member Brittany Amodeo after his breakup with Daisy

BDSY star Colin MacRae is now dating Parlay Revival crew member Brittany Amodeo after his breakup with Daisy (Instagram).

Despite Gary’s greasy efforts to sabotage their relationship, Colin realized Gary was a desperate man who always needs all the female attention on him. Daisy and Colin ended the season — in late July 2022 — saying they would stay in close touch and see if a long-distant relationship was in the cards. They’d been dating for six weeks, the length of a Below Deck charter season.

While they were still talking and deciding if they’d try and make a long-distance relationship work, Colin started sleeping with now-girlfriend Brittany Amodeo. On the BDSY season 4 reunion, Daisy called out Colin for hooking up with Brittany while they were figuring out their future. At the start of the charter season, Colin had told Daisy he was sleeping with one of his Parlay Revival crew members, “Britt”. Daisy claims this caused her to put her walls up. She also referenced it as part of the reason she kissed deckhand Alex Propson the first crew night out, despite secretly starting a boatmance with Colin.

Although it was a close window before Colin and Daisy started their relationship back up in the middle of Sept. 2022, Colin denies cheating on Daisy or Brittany.

“I was sleeping with this other girl on my boat, yes, I was telling her about Daisy. I was telling Daisy about Britt. It was all out in the open.”

BDSY Co-Stars Daisy & Colin Start Dating Again At Boat Show Brittany Also Attended

Colin's girlfriend Brittany with other Parlay Revival crew members at the Newport boat show

Colin’s girlfriend Brittany with other Parlay Revival crew members at the Newport boat show (Instagram).

Colin and Daisy reunited for the Newport International Boat Show from Sept. 14-17. Colin’s YouTube channel Parlay Revivial documented Daisy and his catamaran crew hanging out together. Shockingly, Colin’s now-girlfriend Brittany was also at the boat show Daisy attended with the crew.

The reality TV star showmance couple then reconnected for a two-week romantic vacation in Mexico. After that, the couple flew to LA in late October, where they celebrated Colin’s 37th birthday weekend together in LA. They also visited their BDSY season 3 co-star Chef Marcos Spaziani‘s restaurant. Colin then drove Daisy out on the hills outside the city on a motorcycle date.

“The first time I saw her again was at the Newport boat show. I flew her in from the U.K. to come see me. That was really good,” he said. “There was a couple of other things that we did. We spent a couple of weeks together in Mexico. I flew to New York to see her,” Colin said on Bravo.

Daisy on the romantic trip to Mexico with Colin back in October 2022

Daisy on the romantic trip to Mexico with Colin back in October 2022 when they were officially dating after BDSY season 4 (Instagram).

How Daisy & Colin’s Romantic Breakup Happened In December 2022

“We were kind of bouncing around together for a little while, and then it kind of turned a little toxic, I would say, and I ended things around December last year,” Colin said on the reunion.

Daisy says the relationship was always kind of toxic because they never established trust due to Colin hooking up with Brittany again while they were trying to figure out their relationship. She said Colin tried to reassure her by saying, “Even if you and I break up there’s no future [with Brittany].”

She was shocked and “humiliated when she found out in the New Year, months later, that Colin was officially in a relationship with his ex flame Britt.

“So then to find out from my crew members a couple of months after we had broken up, that he was now in a serious relationship with this woman, it was very shocking for me to hear, very hurtful. And the toxicity was always there because the trust was never there.”

The fact Daisy recently unfollowed Colin on Instagram suggests they had arguments once BDSY season 4 started airing. No crew member is privy to everything they end up seeing in the show. Daisy flirted a lot with Gary, even after she started dating Colin. Colin got very upset and felt played by Daisy upon watching the season. he also didn’t like Daisy going on Watch What Happens Live in June and saying he had the most to answer for on the reunion.

However, Daisy claims she got a bad edit, and that Colin was no saint. “We are all trying and we all made mistakes. None of us are more innocent than the other. Colin and I both [bleeped] up in different ways. We made it work until it turned sour. But that’s life, fine line between love and hate. But I refuse to take full responsibility for this mess,” she said in her Instagram comments.

Colin and Daisy in an LA hotel room recording a PIta Party podcast episode

Colin and Daisy in an LA hotel room recording a PIta Party podcast episode (YouTube).

Colin Doesn’t Return For BDSY Season 5 & Fans Suspect Daisy Is Dating Gary

Captain Glenn reuniting with Daisy and Gary at BravoCon 2022

Captain Glenn reuniting with Daisy and Gary at BravoCon 2022 in the middle of October (Instagram).

On the reunion, Daisy, age 36, added that Colin flirted incessantly with Chef Ileisha Dell throughout BDSY season 4, but show producers didn’t include much of it on the show. At the end of the barrage of accusations fired back and forth, it appears their friendship is now toast. Colin declined to return as part of the BDSY season 5 cast sailing and filming in Ibiza, Spain, in June and July of 2023.

Colin's statement denying ever cheating on Daisy or now-girlfriend Brittany

Colin’s statement denying ever cheating on Daisy or now-girlfriend Brittany (Instagram).

Fans suspect Gary and Daisy are dating on BDSY season 5 because they appeared to film the season 4 reunion episodes in the same hotel room in Spain. Many viewers believe Daisy’s obsessed and in love with Gary.

Meanwhile, Coin is sailing on Parlay Revival with Brittany and the rest of his crew across the Pacific Ocean. He still hasn’t made his relationship with Brittany Instagram official, however.

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