Love Is Blind: Raven Deleted Pics With SK After Cheating Claims

Love Is Blind: Raven Deleted Pics With SK After Cheating Claims

Love Is Blind season 3 fans are wondering if SK (Sikiru) Alagbada and Raven Ross are still together after explosive cheating allegations were published by two women on TikTok. After Friday’s TikTok video of SK’s ex girlfriend, Raven deleted pics with SK from her Instagram. Thousands of LIB fans told Raven to breakup with SK after the cheating allegations went viral on TikTok with a combined view total well over 8 million. UPDATE: Fans need wonder no longer. Raven and SK released a joint breakup statement late Sunday on their Instagram accounts.

Love Is Blind Stars Raven & SK's Breakup Statement Posted ON Instagram

Love is Blind season 3 couple Raven and SK released a joint statement saying they were breaking up, but they won’t be talking about it because of “on-going legal proceedings” (Instagram).

“We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways. Due to on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time,” SK and Raven said in their statement.

“Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

Love Is Blind Star Raven Posts Adoring Instagram Couple Caption For SK

One of Love Is Blind star Raven’s now-deleted Instagram pics of the couple with an adoring caption for her “king” SK (Instagram).

Raven Ross in her wedding dress on Love Is Blind season 3

Raven Ross posted several photos of her and SK at their Love Is Blind season 3 wedding day, but she’s now deleted them all except for her pinned photoshoot of the wedding  (Instagram).

Despite deleting her couples pics with SK, Raven kept the picture with SK’s mom.

Meanwhile, SK’s Instagram has comments turned off. Later on Sunday, he deleted the couple’s photos with Raven on his account. The Nigerian Love Is Blind star hadn’t addressed the cheating allegations at all on social media over the week they started until the breakup statement. SK continued to post about his business studies at Berkeley and his relationship with Raven in that time. His top two pinned pictures were romantic photos with Raven until late Sunday.

A romantic couple photo of SK and Raven on SK's Instagram After Cheating Scandal Broke

A romantic photo of Raven and SK from his Instagram after the cheating allegations broke (Instagram).

“Some walls don’t need a bulldozer, rather patience, reassurance and pillow talk,” SK wrote in one caption.

Another IG Pic With Raven SK Still Has On His Instagram

Another IG couple’s pic with Raven SK had on his Instagram after multiple cheating allegations surfaced (Instagram).

Love Is Blind Fans Believe Raven Broke Up With SK After Cheating Scandal & Deleted Pics

Hannah Beth Fashion Influencer Claiming SK Dated Her & Cheated On Raven

Fashion influencer Hannah Beth Style claims SK dated her after Love Is Blind season 3 (Instagram).

The snake emoji has become very popular for fans describing SK since the cheating claims broke. Raven deleted pics with SK on Sunday. It was a couple days after SK’s alleged ex girlfriend Hannah Beth revealed her relationship with him.

The Dallas fashion influencer dropped a viral now-deleted TikTok video showing they went on two vacations after Love Is Blind season 3 filmed in early 2021. In July 2021, Hannah alleged she and SK had a romantic vacation in Ibiza, Spain, and London, UK. Hannah also claimed they went on a trip to Cabo, Mexico, in May 2022. She also provided texts purporting to show SK asking her to go on a yacht trip in Miami in September.

SK & Alleged Ex Girlfriend Hannah Beth In Ibiza In Summer 2021

SK & alleged ex girlfriend Hannah Beth in Ibiza in summer 2021 (TikTok).

Hannah and allegedly SK on their couples’ trip to Cabo, Mexico, in May 2022 (TikTok).

Earlier in the week a San Francisco-based computer science student also alleged SK cheated on Raven. User @emmwho9 posted a TikTok video of text messages she allegedly had with SK after meeting him on the dating app Hinge. She also had a video of SK kayaking he allegedly sent her.

Love Is Blind Reddit fans are now speculating Raven broke up with SK after the latest allegations broke late Friday night. Before Raven deleted the pics with SK, a popular fan theory surmised the couple were in a PR relationship. Hannah alleges SK told her he was in a fake relationship with Raven and they were doing it for money. Some fans are speculating SK and Raven may have faked their relationship for fame. Some viewers believe they were going to continue the charade for the After The Altar episode.

Other fans thought Raven may try and work things out with SK before they ended up breaking up. They speculate they may have had an open relationship since they were doing long-distance. SK and Raven also took some time apart after filming Love Is Blind season 3. Fans also point to Raven’s latest TikTok video, where she references going to couples therapy.

Fans were eagerly awaiting more from Hannah Beth. She was planning to do a live video giving more details about her alleged romantic relationship with SK. However, SK and Raven mentioned “ongoing legal proceedings” and Hannah deleted the TikTok video with allegations.

Fans also want answers from the Nigerian LIB star who went from hero on the show to villain in the eyes of many viewers.

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