Daisy And Gary Dating On BDSY Season 5 Fans Claim After Reunion

Daisy and Gary Dating On BDSY Season 5 Fans Claim After Reunion

Fans believe after watching the season 4 reunion that co-stars Daisy Kelliher and Gary King are dating while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5 in Ibiza, Spain.

In the dramatic two-part BDSY season 4 virtual reunion, Chief Stewardess Daisy and First Officer Gary both admitted they were currently working in Spain. Although they didn’t elaborate, Gary and Daisy both returned as part of the BDSY season 5 cast filming the latest season throughout June and July 2023.

Below Deck fans noticed on the latest reunion Daisy filmed in a hotel room bathroom. Meanwhile, Gary conducted the reunion in a hotel room with a similar aesthetic. Viewers wonder if Daisy and Gary shared a hotel room to film the BDSY season 4 reunion because they’re dating. It’s also odd why Daisy decided to film the reunion in a hotel bathroom. The two obviously had to leave Captain Glenn Shephard on Parsifal III while filming the reunion so they didn’t spoil the news they’re now filming season 5 together.

The fact Daisy, Gary and Captain Glenn are currently filming reveals none of the other BDSY season 4 crew returned for season 5. This includes longtime castmate Chief Engineer Colin MacRae, who was involved in a love triangle with Gary and Daisy.

The messy reunion revealed Colin and Daisy started hooking up in the leadup to filming BDSY season 4 in Sardinia, Italy. Colin discovered his good friend Gary also hooked up with Daisy between season 3 and 4, midway into the filming BDSY season 4, when him and Daisy were dating. He claims the relationship became “toxic” and that Daisy cheated on him. On the contrary, Daisy accused Colin of cheating on her and that he was hooking up with a girl working on his catamaran, Parlay.

Fans Suspect Daisy And Gary Dating While Filming BDSY Season 5

Gary hugging and kissing Daisy on BDSY season 4

Gary hugging and kissing Daisy on BDSY season 4 (Bravo).

With Colin out of the picture, fans believe Daisy and Gary are now dating on the latest charter season.

Fans are convinced Daisy’s body language (her eyes always lighting up and huge smile) towards Gary, and the two flirting continuously while she was dating Colin, are signs she’s in love with Gary.

Although Gary told Daisy on the reunion “if we ever work together in the future it will be a professional relationship, but I don’t think we’re ever going to be how we were,” fans suspect the two are play acting to hide their current relationship.

Daisy and Gary were flirtatious throughout the first three seasons they starred on the show. They worked closely together on sailing superyacht Parsifal III as the heads of interior and exterior. Captain Glenn always jokes about them getting married because of their obvious chemistry. On their debut in BDSY season 2, the Irish beauty and the South African Tarzan only flirted, while Gary hooked up with other female crew.

Daisy filming the BDSY season 4 reunion in a hotel in Spain due to currently filming BDSY season 5

Daisy filming the BDSY season 4 reunion in a hotel in Spain (Bravo).

Gary also filming in a hotel room in Spain for the reunion, sparking rumors they're dating and sharing a hotel room

Gary also filming in a hotel room in Spain for the reunion (Bravo).

On BDSY season 3, the two drunkenly made out in the superyacht’s hot tub on a night off. But Gary, distracted by his typical debauchery, hooked up with stewardesses Gabriela Barragan, Ashley Marti, and Scarlett Bentley. After season 3 ended, Gary and Daisy hooked up while still in Menorca, Spain. They continued their tryst in a trip to LA later in 2021.

On the BDSY season 4 reunion, Colin accused Daisy and Gary of kissing on season 4. New footage of them being very affectionate also came to light.

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