Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Colin’s Ex Girlfriend Breakups Explained

Although Gary King gets all the ladies on the show, diehard Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans prefer Chief Engineer Colin MacRae over the player first officer. The last two seasons of BDSY, Colin was dating a different girlfriend during filming.

During the reunion episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, Colin revealed that he had broken up with his second girlfriend he dated while on the show. A couple months after that in August he headed back home to New Zealand. It was his first time back home in six years to see his family, friends, as well as seeing his newborn nephew for the first time.

Colin noted that he’s the only one around his age without kids. However, the Sailing Parlay Revival YouTube star has no regrets because he’s doing what he loves, sailing around the world in his Catamaran.

Here’s what fans need to know about Colin’s breakups with his two ex girlfriends — Martina Alvarez and Silvia Latini — he dated while filming seasons 2 and 3.

Colin Dated Ex Girlfriend Martina Alvarez While Filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2

Throughout Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2, Colin was in a committed long-distance relationship with journalist Martina Alvarez.

Fans will remember Colin and her speaking on video call a couple times during that season. Unfortunately, most of the talk surrounded around Colin’s dying dog, who sadly died during that charter season.

Martina, an ocean conservationist, documentarian and writer who scuba dives and snorkels with sharks, started dating Colin at the start of the pandemic. When the world was shutting down, Martina, from Argentina, joined Colin on his Catamaran after she lost her job. The Latina beauty also released a documentary called Missing Sharks later that year.

Colin’s ex girlfriend Martinez Alvarez on Parlay while they were dating (YouTube).

Parts of Colin and Martina’s relationship were documented on episodes of Sailing Parlay Revival, including spearfishing on her birthday.

The relationship sadly came to an end at the start of 2021. Colin announced the breakup with Martina on his YouTube channel in April, a couple months after they broke up.

“We had an incredible year together, we went through a lot. So she was there when the bulk heads broke, we got struck by lightning… We were forced to live together on the boat [because of the pandemic]. And I’ve always said that being on a boat … every year is like dog years, it’s like seven years. So all the highs are accentuated, but all the lows are accentuated. You have nowhere to escape from each other if you’re having any conflict…” Colin explained in a video monologue.

“We tried all sorts of things to try and make it work. It just wasn’t going to work out in the long term. I think we’ve both now accepted that it was the right decision. I’ve got a big part to play in that because I’ve been so driven and focused for my projects. You know, the YouTube, I’m working all day fiber glassing, and then editing videos at night… Also me going on a reality TV show, well she trusted me to be on the show and I was completely faithful throughout, but it was still challenging.”

Since the breakup Martina has continued her advocacy and journalism covering the human-caused devastation of the oceans’ ecosystems.

Colin’s Breakup with Silvia Latini

Colin announced in early 2022 that he had a new girlfriend he’d been dating for nearly a year. Silvia Latini, from Italy, joined Parlay the previous year to sail around the world with Colin. Before making their relationship official, Silvia had been filming episodes of Parlay Revival. The ex couple first met in Panama where she worked a stewardess. She quit her job working as a marketing manager for a car dealership in Italy before that.

Silvia on a Sailing Parlay Revival episode (YouTube).

In January of 2022, Silvia, now age 32, had to leave Parlay to go back to Italy because of a tragic accident. Her brother was put on life support.

On the reunion episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 in late June, Colin announced he and Silvia broke up a few months prior.

“We decided to go our separate ways,” Colin told Andy Cohen.

Since the split, Silvia continues to sail the world. She’s currently aboard a sailboat in the French Polynesia.

Below Deck Fans Excited Colin Is Single

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans were excited to hear Colin is back on the market.

“So hot, so humble, so chill. I love him,” said one fan on Reddit of the Auckland, New Zealand native.

“Woah woah woah! We might actually have a season where he’s finally single and we don’t have to hear anyone say ‘I wonder why none of the girls go after Colin!’ Let the games begin…” said another admirer.

“That explosion you heard was Colin’s DMs blowing up,” said another.

Well, any girls interested better hurry up. He didn’t stay single long last time and plenty of ladies are joining on his catamaran.

Anyone interested in supporting Colin’s channel and being put in a draw to have a five-day trip with him and his crew on Parlay Revival can support his Patreon.

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