BB 25 Fans Blast Cameron Creeping On America & Cory’s Relationship

BB 25 Fans Blast Cameron Creeping On America & Cory's Relationship

Big Brother 25 houseguest and constant prospective evictee Cameron Hardin leering in the house is weirding out the other contestants and viewers alike. The other houseguests repeatedly talk about how they can’t stand Cameron for his constant talking and odd conversation. However, Fans mostly fault him for sticking his nose in America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger‘s relationship business. Viewers especially find Cameron creeping on America unpalatable.

From even early on, fans found Cameron creepy towards evicted houseguest Reilly Smedley. He said she reminded him of his daughter.

But some fans and houseguests thought he was actually crushing on her.

America told Blue Kim that Cameron has an ego issue because a much younger Cory, age 21, was fancied by her than him. She also accused Cameron, age 34, of trying to intimidate Cory by saying he sees him like a son and inquiring about what happened between him and America. Cameron also talked to America about her relationship with Cory and suggest she had friendzoned Cory.

Cameron Creeping On America Creeps Her Out On BB 25 & She Tried To Avoid Him

Cameron talking to America on the live feeds showed her very uncomfortable and making an excuse to go to the bathroom.

Cameron also asked Cory about her and America sleeping in the same bed (where they just cuddled) fishing for details. The self-described “space cowboy” might need to get his head back to planet earth and realize he’s alienating himself from the other houseguests with his creepy and uncalled behavior.

Other fans noticed Cameron watching America eat from his HOH room last week.

Apparently Cameron has delusions she likes him too.

Fans were hoping Cameron would get evicted this week so America wouldn’t have to be creeped on anymore. Unfortunately Cameron won the power of veto this week, so they’re all stuck with him another week. Fans are worried America could end up stuck in the jury house with Cameron, and think it would be inappropriate.

Meanwhile, America and Cory are taking their showmance slow so far.

We’ll have to wait if CBS producers step in if Cameron keeps it up or if they’ll also do anything about Jared Fields saying the r-word about America, too.

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