Big Brother 25: Cory and America Showmance Timeline

Big Brother 25: Cory and America Showmance Timeline

Big Brother 25 is really going over the top when it comes to giving the fans what they want. We’ve got insane alliances, drama-filled eliminations, weekly controversies, and maddening schedule changes that keep fans glued to the screen. And if that wasn’t enough, season 25 has given us three different showmances with months of episodes left to go. At the time of this writing, Season 25 is already in an 8-way tie for third place for the most showmances in a season. Seasons 4, 9, 11, 14, 19, 20 and 24 all had three showmances, while 18 and 23 had 4 and 21 and 15 had 6. And, many of these multiple-showmance seasons had at least one person in multiple showmances. As we will soon see, the Big Brother 25: Cory and America Showmance is the one most likely to affect who wins.

Matt Klotz and Reilly Smedley were broken up by Reilly’s elimination and Matt’s very obviously a one-woman man. Blue Kim and Jared Fields are a unique pair but watch out for mama bear Cirie Fields. At least Jared spilled his secret to Blue about how Cirie’s his mom after they hooked up. And then there’s America Lopez and Cory Wurtenburger, AKA Americory. It started off as a friendship, and alliance, but it’s clearly become much more than that with late night cuddles and kissing.

Cory needed kissing lessons from America and said he doesn’t have a lot of experience. That led people to unfairly suspect he may be a virgin.

Big Brother 25: Cory And America Showmance Timeline

First of all, fans who haven’t watched the live feeds may not even know the showmance exists other than a recent episode hinting at it. The two houseguests were chilling in the hammock on August 22nd when they had a conversation debating whether they were or weren’t a thing. America seemed to think they are, Cory says, “I’m not a direct person.” America and Cory both discussed how they would be seen by the audience, with America saying fans would be disappointed with the lack of action. However, things have really heated up since then in their now official showmance (they confirmed it to each other).

Cory responded by asking the very fair question of what people watching the America and Cory cams could expect. Four days later, information sponge Izzy Gleicher got America to confirm that she had a crush on Cory. America admitted that she knows that Cory wasn’t mutually interested in pursuing something with her and that she might just be trying to “latch onto something.”  But then clips emerged of Cory calling America “[bleeping] hot” as she put lotion on his back, and them getting fairly physical in bed. So this may be the slowest of slow burns. Or, Cory and America might have realized that their large age gap (he’s 21, she’s 27) means they can never be serious.

Big Brother 25: Cory And America Showmance: Possible Game Implications

At the moment, Cory has maintained a low profile and is arguably the best reputation manager in the house. America’s more obvious flirty personality and both-sides-playing is starting to grate on more than a few competitors. However Cirie and her lieutenant Felicia Cannon are getting annoyed with both of them. America is becoming more of a target, and this is actually somewhat Cory’s fault. He joked to Cirie that there was an alliance called “The Middlemen” which included America and Cirie actually believed him.

In actuality, America wasn’t part of any alliance other than the one with Cory until recently. This could be a problem, as Cory did upset people by leaking information to America. Cory did have an alliance with the power trio of Izzy, Jared and Cirie called the Crossroads. However there has been some subtle friction between Jared and Cory as Cory pushed back against comments Jared made about how the women play the game. For the moment, however, Cameron Hardin’s feud with Cirie, Izzy and Felicia is taking the heat off Americory. Also, America and Cory are relatively safe with Cameron because America let him win The Pressure Cooker competition. If Cory can out-manipulate Cirie, prevent any more leaks, and protect America, he could go all the way!

Cory will owe America a kiss if she wins HOH. UPDATE: Cory is looking to flip the vote after Izzy told him to stop sleeping in the same bed with America.

But he’s also decided him and America should pretend to break up to protect their games.

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