The Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Top Chef’ (S1, E9 Recap)

A delicious opportunity presents itself for Top Chef Noah, while Connor returns from Episode 1-6 and gets grilled.

Watch the Bunch horse around and visit Gay Paree, aka Paris, Texas, in our recap of Episode 8.

Terry starts out by trying on his new toupee for the family. While he was offered a boatload of money to wear the thing, he goes on social media to a pretty negative reception.

The plan to get Noah to move to Texas continues apace with a boat trip. Meanwhile a date has been arranged for Rachel, and sadly, Bradshaw family haunt the Main Street Pub has closed due to COVID.

It’s Connor Saeli from The Bachelorette that Rachel goes on her date with, as they’ve been talking and connecting. They go for a picnic and Connor even remembers to bring gluten free crackers. Connor is a little nervous meeting the family. He’s a little awkward about kissing, but they go for it and they stay lip-locked for a little while.

Meanwhile the others meet Captain Steven who will be taking them around the lake. They reveal that they will buy the Main Street Pub and have Noah be Top Chef there. An errant breeze blows Terry’s hairpiece off his head and it’s mercifully buried at sea.

The Top Chef Puts Connor Through Hell’s Kitchen

Back on land Rachel brings Connor over to meet the family at Lacey and Noah’s house. Noah starts peppering Connor with questions. Noah’s even got a clipboard! Then Zurie starts grilling him and it’s even tougher, but Connor is cool under fire even after they ask if he’s slept with her.

Noah is impressed by the Mainstreet Pub, with visions of steaks and Bradshaw Beans rolling off the grill. Rachel and Connor will come for a test-cook, while Noah is still testing out Connor, who might shave his entire body.

Connor brings flowers, and he and Rachel come up with a prank of their own. They will pretend to be engaged to freak out the family.

Meanwhile, Terry has procured a fresh toupee. Noah says that it makes him look slimmer, but decides to put it on the longhorn cow on the wall instead. Connor earns more points by endorsing Terry’s toupee, while Noah tries it on and looks like Colonel Sanders.

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