Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Fans & Daisy Praise Ashley After Online Abuse

Ashley Gets Praise From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Fans & Daisy After Online Abuse
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 fans and Daisy gave Junior Stew Ashley Marti praise for her hard work in preparing for the wedding in the last charter (Screenshot, Bravo).

Junior Stew Ashley Marti‘s is redeeming herself after endless online abuse from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 fans. Her boss, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, and BDSY fans are praising Ashley for her hard work preparing the wedding on the final charter.

Daisy And Fans Give Ashley Props For Her Stewardess Skills

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Why Fans Are Bashing Ashley Marti On Season 3
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 fans are not liking Ashley Marti’s behavior on the show, find out why (Screenshot, Bravo).

On Daisy’s podcast, Pita Party, she said Ashley did an incredible job setting up the wedding on the beach.

“Ashley did such an incredible job… She got to prove that she had learned some stuff from the season. And I really wanted to promote her and give her that. You know, there were things that she obviously needed to improve on,” said Daisy about Ashley’s work on the last charter.

Daisy continued to heap praise on Ashley’s work ethic on her podcast.

“The guys came back and said she did absolutely amazing. She delegated, she was strong. She got to the point. I came, and it was absolutely beautiful,” Daisy said about Ashley’s decorative work.

“When we came back for the dinner, the table was just so stunningly gorgeous. And Scarlett is a very green junior stew, so she needed a lot of help from Ashley. And when I walked in I was like ‘Wow, this is perfect.'”

Daisy said she let Ashley manage most of the work for the wedding.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 fans also noticed Ashley’s professionalism and leadership on the last charter.

“The wedding setup by Ashley was excellent, she really stepped up. It looked awesome on the beach, overall, with the crowd cheering next to them and on the water,” said one Below Deck fan on Reddit.

Another fan said Ashley deserves the second stew position.

“Well, well, well. Much to the chagrin of many on this sub, Ashley stepped up and proved that she is, in fact, a second stew. I do think that she was in a rut while she was mooning over Gary but now that she has pushed that to the side, she is doing a great job.”

Ashley Continues To Get Deluge Of Online Attacks From Below Deck Fans

Despite all the kind words from Daisy and fans for her work on the last charter, other fans are still dragging her online after months of nasty comments.

After Ashley asked “keyboard warriors” who hurt them back in April on Twitter, around the time she first started getting attacked online, she stopped responding. Fans took umbrage with Ashley not respecting former Second Stew Gabriela Barragan‘s authority and actively trying to sabotage her. They also were appalled by her apparent obsession with First Mate Gary King, as well as using Tom Pearson to try to make Gary jealous. They also were disgusted when they accused Ashley of taking advantage of Gary, some even saying she sexually assaulted him, when he was blackout drunk.

However, Gary recently addressed the controversy on Watch What Happens Live with Bravo honcho Andy Cohen.

“I didn’t think much of it then, and right now, I don’t think much of it, too. I just think that people on social media blew it up bigger than what it actually was,” King said.

Either way, a lot of Below Deck fans are no fans of Ashley. They also are criticizing her creating an OnlyFans account, acting childish in trying to boss around Junior Stew Scarlett Bentley and acting incredibly jealous for Gary. But even some of her detractors had to admit she did a bang up job on the final charter.

Ashley & Gabriela Trash Each Other On Twitter

As fans won’t stop trashing Ashley online, she finally broke her silence on Twitter at the start of June.

She also defended her backstabbing and dislike for Gabriela.


Meanwhile, Gabriela threw her own shade at Ashley.


Although a lot of the Below Deck fanbase doesn’t like Ashley, several of her crewmates do like her. After filming, Ashley and Kelsie went to Chef Marcos restaurant together and hung out in LA. Ashley has also hosted Barnaby Birkbeck when he came to visit her in Florida. She also gets along great with Chief Engineer Colin MacRae.

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