Who Is Ashley From Below Deck Sailing Yacht? Age, Birthday, Job & More

Third Stew Ashley Marti Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Third Stew Ashley Marti is annoyed after Gary King rejects her advances (Screengrab, Bravo).

Third Stew Ashley Marti from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 has fans talking. Ashley’s made her mark on season 3. Her insubordination towards Gabriela Barragan, failed attempts at getting Gary King, and her hook up with Tom Pearson all get a lot of camera time. So who is BDSY star Ashley Marti?

Ashley’s Age, Birthday & Relationship Status

Third Stew Ashley Marti is age 24. She turns 25 years-old on August 26, making her a Virgo.

Ashley said she isn’t interested in young guys, but she ended up hooking up with Tom, age 24, on the show. Although the two were getting cozy at the end of episode 5, on Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher’s podcast Tom made it clear he’s single.

In episode 6, Ashley kiboshed her little fling with Tom by going after Gary again. Tom had a massive blow-up, repeatedly and misogynistically calling Ashely a “sket”. Sket is a British derogatory term for a promiscuous woman, according to dictionary.com. Tom would later apologize for grabbing a tequila bottle from Ashley and pouring it on her head, as well as for yelling at her, calling himself a “jealous loser”.

Ashley has made no indication she is dating anyone after the show and looks to be single.

Third Stew Ashely Starts OnlyFans Account

Near the end of March Ashley announced her new OnlyFans account, charging followers $12.50 per month. The description of her account doesn’t clarify how racy her content is, but her first posts are categorized as “boobs, tattoo, ass, tan line”. Ashley also includes an Amazon wishlist for bikinis and workout clothes.

She’s also on Cameo. Ashley’s Cameo costs $14 for a video shoutout.

Below Deck’s Ashley Marti’s College & Previous Jobs

Ashley attended college at the University of Connecticut for Sport Management.

She currently lives with roommates and works in Miami, Florida, at DAER Nightclub as a cocktail server. Before starring on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Ashley worked as a bartender and server at restaurants and bars, including in her hometown of Boston.

Ashley’s Instagram, Facebook & Hobbies

Ashley Marti’s Instagram and Facebook show she loves to post pictures hanging out poolside wearing bikinis. The 24-year-old also posts her working as a bartender or as a yachtie on Below Deck.

She also considers herself a foodie. Her and BDSY season 3 deckhand Kelsie Goglia ate at Chef Marcos Spaziani’s LA restaurant recently, enjoying his gourmet dishes.

The self-described world traveler and animal lover went to Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, Africa, in 2021. While there, she went a safari tour, seeing wild lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, monkeys and more.

Ashley is also a huge hockey fan, cheering for the Boston Bruins.

Ashley Marti’s BDSY Season 3 Controversies

Below Deck fans have been harsh critics on Ashley so far. They didn’t approve of her “throwing herself” on First Officer Gary King. Many fans also think that she is completely out of line in disrespecting Second Stew Gabriela Barragan. Furthermore, they are skeptical she actually likes deckhand Tom Pearson, even though she has been cozy with him since hooking up with him.

Other than these show controversies, Ashley also revealed on the show that she has a poor relationship with her sister. Ashley alleges that her sister would always go after guys she likes and hook up with them. Whether or not this and the show controversies get addressed in BDSY season 3 is yet to be determined.

Fans of the show can Instagram follow all the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 crew here.

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