Who’s Chelsea From Love Is Blind Season 6: Jobs, IG, Age, Birthday, Hometown, More

Who’s Chelsea From Love Is Blind Season 6: Jobs, IG, Age, Birthday, Hometown, More

Romantic rectangle participant Chelsea Blackwell checks many of the Love Is Blind boxes. There’s always one couple that pushes through even though they shouldn’t. That’s Chelsea and fiancé Jimmy Presnell to a T. There’s always at least one woman who attracts disproportionate hate, and that’s Chelsea. Her reaction to Jimmy getting mildly flirty with Amber Desiree “AD” Smith feels very familiar as well. Prepare for a few weeks of her getting the same treatment as  Zanab Jaffrey, Micah Lussier, Irina Solomonova, and Stacy Snyder. Seasons of the show change, but a lot remains the same, including the questions about the cast: who’s Chelsea from Love Is Blind?

Who’s Chelsea From Love Is Blind season 6? Flight Attendant/Virtual Assistant/Teacher/Event Planner Jobs, Podcast, Hometown, IG, TikTok, Fandom, Travel, Family, Pet

Chelsea sporting a Southern cowgirl look

Chelsea sporting a Southern cowgirl look (Instagram).

We know from the show that Chelsea is a flight attendant and an event planner, specifically a wedding planner. She’s the owner of Rugged And Radiant event planning, and they perform elopements and micro-wedding celebrations, too. The business has its own podcast, which features Chelsea discussing dealing with negativity and how to become a virtual assistant. You won’t find any information about the other employees of Rugged and Radiant anywhere, though. But, if you check out R + R’s IG, you will find out that Chelsea doesn’t do much flight attendant work anymore. The pandemic, and restrictions on flying, grounded Chelsea and forced her to pivot as one caption says she started virtual assisting in 2020. We can also find her current place of residence — Huntersville, North Carolina.

As for Chelsea’s personal Instagram, it only has 4,032 followers as of writing. She also has a TikTok with 244 followers which she uses for marketing and it can be found here. Chelsea is a devoted Coldplay fan and travelled to England to see them live. She has also travelled through Europe, particularly the UK, Scandinavia, and Germany, and hiked through canyons in Arizona. Chelsea has been very close to her mom Deb, always marks Father’s Day with her dad, and enjoys yoga and sushi.


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There are references to a sister and she is a loving aunt to little niece Klaire, who appears in a 2017 baby photo. At one point she had a bichon frise named Chewie, and she seems to have taught 5th graders in Copenhagen and Southeast Asia around 2015-6. Flight attending began for Chelsea when she moved to Miami in 2017. This job helped her fulfill her passion of taking selfies all over the world.

Who’s Chelsea From Love Is Blind? Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Age, Megan Fox Comparison

Chelsea in the pods on Love Is Blind season 6

Chelsea in the pods on Love Is Blind season 6 (Netflix).

Chelsea loves celebrating birthdays, weddings, Easter and Christmas but doesn’t usually make a big deal of her own special day. We found one IG post on October 17, 2018 with the hashtag #26thbirthday. She’s age 31 in early 2024. It also means she is a social butterfly as a Libra.

Chelsea’s comparison to Megan Fox has become a bit of a meme, and she has had to push back against critics online. A lot of folks have missed that she actually said she gets mistaken for Megan, not that she herself thinks there is a resemblance. It it also a recent thing, as she was blonde for much of her 20s. Maybe it was a thing since the face-to-face reveal episode with Jimmy was called “She Lied To Me”, which is what Jimmy claimed she did in a confessional.

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