The Real World Austin: What Happened To Johanna Botta?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Johanna Botta?

Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp were the #1 couple on The Real World AustinJohanna Botta was Wes Bergmann‘s # something. It was complicated as Wes was into Johanna, but also pursuing his side interests, and so was she. Johanna was attracted to Leo the bartender as Wes pursued Melinda or whoever else was available. Wes and Johanna did engage in a make-out session, but then Wes fell for Wren. When Leo didn’t call Johanna after staying the night, Wes circled back even though he was still dating Wren. Wes and Johanna didn’t end the season together, but were dating shortly after. Then there’s the incident that won Johanna “Best Brush With The Law” at the 2008 Real World Awards Bash. She was arrested and released for stealing a rose from a homeless man while drunk, which was impressive considering how often people were filmed drunk on the show. But, what happened to Johanna Botta after The Real World Austin?

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Johanna Botta working as an on-air personality

Johanna Botta working as an on-air personality (Instagram).

Peruvian-born Johanna Botta is, like most of her castmates, just entering her 40s. She hit the big 4-0 on April 16, which makes her a compassionate yet headstrong Aries. Like her castmates from The Real World Austin, Johanna pivoted to being a contestant on The Challenge. She was involved in four seasons of the show, winning one (The Gauntlet III) and taking home $50,000 for doing so. Like Danny and Melinda, she and Wes competed as a couple on The Gauntlet III, but the two had broken up by the next season. Johanna competed solo on season 16, The Island. Then on season 18, The Ruins, she and Wes both competed even though they had long since broken up.

Unlike the other alumni of The Real World Austin, Joanna has done some TV and movie work outside The Challenge. She hosted a season of NBC’s travel program 1st Look from 2010-2011. She has also starred in 2017’s Joe Dick and  2011’s A Few ShyBefore settling down with her hubby Willem Marx, Johanna dated her The Island co-star, Kenny Santucci. When Wes, Kenny and Johanna all appeared on The Ruins, Wes was visibly jealous and the triangle was a major focus of the season. Johanna and Willem got married in 2014, and they have one son, Diego, who was born in 2015. Interestingly, Willem has one famous ex — current Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. Joanna is from Riverside, California, but lives with Willem in England now.

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Johanna is visible on Twitter/X and Instagram. Her IG following is a respectable 26,300 followers and she has 18,400 Twitter followers. Johanna loves to travel and has been to Lebanon, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Egypt, Mallorca and Sri Lanka. She continues to find work on TV, mostly as a presenter at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023. You might also find her on the in-airport TV network, Reach TV. Johanna has been open about her struggle with social anxiety, talking about it in an IG post after Britney Spears went public in a similar way. We might not see Johanna on reality TV anymore, but she has definitely broken barriers and set an example.

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