Physical 100’s Shim Euddeum: YouTube, IG, Appearances & More

Physical 100's Shim Euddeum: YouTube, IG, Appearances & More

The other half of the duo hosting Netflix Korea’s episode re-caps, Physical: 100‘s Shim Euddeum’s celebrity status is obvious. She’s a fitness icon whose body earned her the nickname “Gangnam Apple Girl.” As well, she got the chance to present an apple to K-Pop gods J-Hope and V of BTS on the Korean variety show, Star King. She’s quite a match for jokester bodybuilder Ma Sung-Ho, keeping things on track while he clowns around.

Physical: 100’s Shim Euddeum can earn likes from anyone, from old friends like dancer Cha Hyun-Seung to new friends like intense reservist Agent H. But her polished exterior hides an iron will, which she demonstrated during the survival challenge. With deadly focus, and as other contestants psyched themselves out, she kept her eyes on her statue bust and her hands on the rope. Still, this impressive win in survival game Quest 25 puts her in underdog status as the other teams didn’t want to join with her for the ship-dragging challenge. We’ll have to see if she can survive elimination on Tuesday. Until then, here are some more facts about Shim Euddeum.

Physical 100 cast member Shim Euddeum working out

Physical 100 cast member Shim Euddeum working out (Instagram).

Physical: 100‘s Shim Euddeum: Fitness YouTuber Job & Courting Controversy

Enduring some backlash is part of YouTuber life. Fans called Euddeum out for not contributing as much as they thought she should to the Moving Sand challenge. However, the show is doing a lot for her HIPEUDDEUM YouTube channel as she has 1.39 million subscribers and counting. There, she creates workout and weight loss plans for her friends and fans. As well, her videos have the all-important English subtitles! Euddeum’s videos target gym newbies and she focuses on keeping things simple. Many cast members join her, such as husband and wife bodybuilder couple Song A-Reum and Kim Kang-Min. Other times, she engages in sketch comedy with her siblings.

Shim Euddeum with her puppy dog

Shim Euddeum with her puppy dog (Instagram).

Euddeum’s Instagram Dominance

Physical: 100’s Shim Euddeum’s Instagram reach is equally impressive with almost 560,000 followers. She has the same mix of workout content and comedy as her YouTube channel. In one post, we see she is able to easily balance on Jo Jin-Hyeong’s shoulder. However, we get a few more details about her from IG. Like Jang Eun-Sil, she has a cute little dog who makes periodic appearances. She’s also like Jang in that she prefers simple workout wear and doesn’t go for many bright colors. But, she shares a bit of Kim Da-Young’s adventurous spirit, trying ballet with Cha Hyun-seung, hitting the soccer pitch, or cosplaying as Marvel super-hero She-Hulk.

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