Physical 100’s Jang Eun-Sil: IG, Family, YouTube & More

Jang Eun-sil figuring out a game strategy on Physical: 100

Physical: 100‘s Jang Eun-Sil was treated like an underdog on the show. However, she quickly proved that you underestimate her at your peril. Before her team’s victory over fellow wrestler Nam Kyung-Jin, competitors frequently spoke up about her being tougher than most men. She demonstrated her grappling skill by throwing around soldier Kkang Mi, a terrifying challenger in her own right. This put her in the elite category of 10 competitors who were chosen as team leaders. This group includes Choo Sung-Hoon and Yun Sung-Bin.

If you check out her YouTube channel, which has over 81,000 subscribers, you’ll see that lifting and carrying other men is something she does for fun. Basically, all she does is train, work out and wrestle. Occasionally, she takes the occasional pause for a makeup tutorial or a meal review. Let’s see if we can find out any other facts about her from her social media.

Physical: 100’s Jang Eun-Sil: Fashionably Fierce

Jang Eun-sil shows off her fit body

Jang Eun-sil shows off her fit body (Instagram).

Jang Eun-Sil enjoys simple, austere looks and showing off her very toned body. Her Instagram, which boasts more than 164,000 followers, features pictures of her wearing monotone bodysuits. A simple jet black or grey tone is all she needs or a basic white two-piece and boxing gloves. Other times, she will accent her workout clothing with the South Korean flag or a formal wrestling costume with some flowers. She’s more proud of her medals and awards, which include a gold for the 103rd Korean National Sports Festival and a certificate at the National Wrestling King Championship. She’s also unafraid to try her hand at different sports, such as basketball and dodgeball.

Physical: 100’s Jang Eun-Sil: A Devoted (Dog) Mother?

If you watch some of Jang’s videos to the end, you will see that a little girl appears in a couple of them. She also has a cute little dog who accompanies her on runs through the mountains and to the beach. There is another young woman who joins her in her post-workout mukbang videos and at one point Jang seems to be attending her bachelorette party. Finally, we can see a succession of attractive guys joining her for workouts, acting as spotters, or being taken to the mat as sparring partners. Sadly, without the benefit of subtitles, it’s hard to know if Jang has a daughter, what the name of her dog and best friend is, and whether these gentlemen are her dates, just friends, or professional colleagues. It is nice to see that Jang isn’t just a training/fighting machine, though.

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