Physical: 100’s Choo Sung-Hoon’s Age, IG, Family, Net Worth & More

Physical: 100's Choo Sung-Hoon: Age, IG, Family, Net Worth And More

Learn all about why Physical: 100‘s Choo Sung-Hoon is by far the most respected out of 100 elite competitors (Netflix).

Without a doubt, Physical: 100‘s Choo Sung-Hoon is the most respected of the 100 competitors vying for the 300 million won grand prize. Firefighters, Olympic athletes, decorated military veterans and bodybuilders alike treat him with absolute veneration from the moment he enters the hall of plaster busts in the 1st episode. The 47-year-old MMA veteran demonstrated that he can definitely still go when he’s in his element. His successful MMA-rules deathmatch against junior fighter Shin Dong-Guk was a highlight of episodes 3 and 4. The other competitors applauded the boldness of the younger man’s challenge and the master’s willingness to accept it. Choo also outlasted 22 younger competitors in the preliminary challenge. This involved hanging from a metal structure above a pool of water for as long as possible. He lasted just under 5 minutes in this challenge.

We can also look forward to seeing him lead a team of five in an upcoming episode. He received the fourth most votes overall in the runoff to choose the team leaders. He will be leading female boxer Shin Bo-Mi-Rae, crossfitter/snowboarder Woo Jin Yong, mountain climber Kim Min-Cheol (who won the preliminary challenge) and American-born baseball player Dustin Nippert. However, he did comment that he didn’t think it was a particularly strong team. We do not know at this time who they will be facing or what the challenge will be. Now that we have covered all the information we got from the show, let’s learn a bit more about this celebrated elder statesman.

Physical: 100’s Choo Sung-Hoon Has Dual Nationality

Choo Sung-hoon or Yoshihiro Akiyama competing in MMA

Physical: 100‘s Choo Sung-hoon or Yoshihiro Akiyama competing in MMA (Instagram).

You might have noticed that the other contenders call Choo “Sexyama.” In addition to the reference to his physical attractiveness, this nickname references his Japanese name: Yoshihiro Akiyama. His family emigrated to Japan in the early 2000s and Choo is married to Japanese model Shiho Yano. They have one daughter together, Choo Sarang, who is an actor and a model in her own right. Choo is famous for his use of Japanese fighting styles, namely judo.

Choo Sung-hoon with his wife and daughter before competing in his latest MMA fight

Choo Sung-hoon with his wife and daughter before competing in his latest MMA fight (Instagram).

Choo Sung-Hoon is a legend in MMA, fighting for both UFC and ONE Championship. His record is 16 wins (seven knockouts) and seven losses. His most recent fight happened in 2022 at age 46, in which he almost got knocked out in the first round but rallied back and won by technical knockout.

Physical: 100’s Choo Sung-Hoon’s Lavish $4M Lifestyle

With a net worth of $4 million the MMA superstar maintains a busy and lucrative lifestyle promoting his personal brand. On his IG akiyamachoo he is constantly promoting his SUNG1975 brand clothing and showing off his endorsements. These include Golden Concept watches, BR Aesthetics Skincare, and LYFT clothing. There are also lots of photos of him training, relaxing with family, and wearing his signature toque/sunglasses combo on sunny days.

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