Alara From Dated And Related: Relationship Status, Age, Job, IG

Alara From Dated And Related: Relationship Status With Kieran, Instagram, Age, Birthday & More

Dated And Related star Alara Taneri wowed fans and the guys when she entered the southern France villa mid-season. The sizzling Cypriot aggressively went after Kieran Bishop, eventually causing the breakup of him and a jealous Nina Parsijani. She had a lot more connections in the villa than her brother, Ceylan. Lots of Dated And Related fans were shipping Kieran and Alara, but what happened to their relationship after the show ended? Here’s everything you need to know about Alara, including her relationship status, age, birthday, Instagram, job and more.

Dated And Related Stars Alara & Kieran Broke Up After Show Ended

Fans hoping Alaran was still a couple will be sad to hear the news that Kieran and Alara broke up. The relationship didn’t last outside the villa, but the two still remain on good terms.

“Alara and I had a lot going on back home after leaving the villa, so, unfortunately, things didn’t work out between us,” Kieran told Netflix’s publication Tudum. “I had family issues, and Alara was busy at university, and she lived three hours away from London, which made it more difficult. We’re still really good friends and still in contact.”

She says she still has a very busy dating life in Herefordshire, UK. She said Kieran would have to get in line if he was still wanting to date her.

Alara Is An Aspiring Fashion Designer & Is Finishing University

The beautiful brunette Alara is currently finishing her last year of fashion design studies at Southampton Solent University, according to her LinkedIn. (Alara previously worked at Holister as a sales assistant.) Fans can check out some of her fashion designs on her fashion design Instagram page.

Alara’s Instagram & TikTok Shows Her Love Of Fashion

Scrolling through Alara’s Instagram, it’s clear she has a passion for fashion. She models a lot of outfits and loves to travel to luxurious locales in places like London, Cyprus (where she’s originally from) and Dubai. Alara is also into nutritional eating, including making daily shakes. Her favorite things appear to be bikinis, dresses, beaches, traveling and partying.

Alara’s TikTok also shows off her cutting edge taste in fashion and dance moves.

Alara’s Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Alara, currently age 23, celebrates her birthday on February 10. That makes Alara a bubbly Aquarius, which explains her charisma and irresistible charm.

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