Love Is Blind: Nancy’s Speech Pathologist Salary & Rental Properties Explained

Love Is Blind: Nancy's Speech Pathology Salary & Real Estate Investment Money

Nancy Rodriguez from Love Is Blind season 3 doesn’t need any man to take care of her financially. If anything, she needs to worry about her younger fiancé Bartise Bowden being the potential gold digger in the relationship. Nancy’s speech pathologist salary nets her a pretty good income, but she really started growing her wealth from the five rental properties she now manages. The Mexicana reality TV star has worked hard to reinvest her money to grow her own real estate portfolio empire. Here are estimates on how much Nancy makes from her speech pathologist salary and real estate properties.

Love Is Blind Star Nancy’s Speech Pathologist Salary

Nancy Rodriguez went to San Francisco State University and graduated with her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. So right there, she would have a lot of student loans to pay off from all of her education. However, after getting her qualifications she would make an upper middle class salary. A speech pathologist’s average salary is $113,000 USD in Texas, according to A speech pathologist like Nancy’s salary can range from $103,000 to $121,000.

It’s no easy job though. Nancy explained to Bartise and his family that she would abort a fetus if she found out it had a severe genetic defect because of all the family trauma caused by kids with severe disabilities. Nancy also said that she would often cry for hours after work because of all the stress and trauma she witnessed from the families she works with.

However, some of Nancy’s conversations on the show suggest she only works as a speech pathologist part-time as she focuses on renovating properties and renting them out to Airbnb customers.

How Much Money Love Is Blind‘s Nancy Makes From Her Airbnb Rental Properties

Love Is Blind's Nancy Installing A Bathtub At Rental Property

Love Is Blind‘s Nancy installing a bathtub at rental property (Instagram).

“It’s so far $100,000. Well to buy it, and also to renovate it. So my other properties fund it and then also my jobs fund it as well,” Nancy explained to Bartise about her rental property business.

“Okay, so I’m a little jealous of that. You have the freedom to do what you want every day kind of,” he responded.

Although Bartise romanticizes Nancy’s passive income, a lot of sweat and tears went into building up her real estate portfolio. Nancy’s Instagram shows she works on the renos and demos herself.

“How much would this place rent for?” Bartise asks Nancy in episode 6.

“Six to nine grand,” Nancy casually says.

“Per month?”

“Mhm, per month.”

Two of Nancy’s five rental properties (she also owns a home) are shared with her ex, which makes Bartise uncomfortable and jealous.

“We only have two of all of our properties still together,” she told Bartise.

“The way my funds are set up, I only acquire another property if I have six months of savings to cover all the payments. For me the goal is to have as many properties within five to ten years that will be able to cover all of my living expenses and my family,” Nancy told Bartise about her property rental plan.

“Once we’re married, my money will be your money. That’s the way I see it. It’s our money together. My next property that I buy will be with me and my husband. And that’s how I envision me and my husband being, that we make $200,000. We make $300,000.”

Bartise eyes light up when he realizes he might’ve just hit the jackpot getting engaged to Nancy. Nancy’s older brothers and bail lift mom Erendira Diaz better keep a close eye on her fiancé.

The way Nancy’s growing her assets and net worth, it will be less than a decade before she’s a millionaire. It looks like she can retire early from her stressful speech pathologist job, too, as long as Bartise doesn’t take half of her net worth.

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