Perfect Match: What Happened To Diamond After The Show?

Perfect Match: What Happened To Diamond After The Show?

For someone who spent so little time on Perfect Match, Diamond Jack attracted her fair share of controversy. Francesca Farago was asked for her ranking of people she wanted to spend the least time with. Diamond came in second last, but, this makes more sense when you remember two things. First, Diamond counts Savannah Palacio and Giannina Gibelli as her friends, and those two women despise Francesca. Remember that Francesca essentially stole Giannina’s fiance Damien Powers away from her. Also, don’t forget the intense drama between Francesca and Savannah on Perfect Match. Then, there’s the allegations of biphobia that were made against Diamond, which would have been a problem for the out-and-proud Francesca. Diamond’s Love Is Blind fiancé Carlton Morton abruptly revealed his bisexuality, leading to their breakup. Despite this controversy, there’s many more questions to be asked about what happened to Diamond after the show?

Perfect Match: What Happened To Diamond After The Show? Shining Bright

Diamond Jack with her bestie co-stars from Perfect Match

Diamond Jack with her bestie co-stars from Perfect Match (Instagram).

The 31-year-old former NBA dancer (for the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls) and influencer from Chicago maintains good relationships with her castmates. Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Colony Reeves, and Savannah appear in the first video on her profile. Additionally, you can also find her exchanging comments regularly with fan favorite Lauren “LC” Chamblin. Beyond that, Diamond has been working hard promoting Sonobello Body Sculpting Centres and Luxe Smile. Basically, it’s unknown right now whether she will turn back to acting, as she did star in Wicked Money Family Christmas. For now, Diamond is mostly just looking her best and making haters jealous.

We are looking for more information about the jewelry line she brought up on Perfect Match. However, we haven’t been able to find anything about whether the jewelry line ever got off the ground. It’s a shame as Diamond seems like a natural to be promoting diamonds! In any case she won’t have to worry about competition from Bartise Bowden, who immediately wanted a piece of that when it came up on Perfect Match. It just seems like Diamond was too classy to make any headway on Perfect Match, and that reflects better on her to be frank.

Perfect Match: What Happened To Diamond After The Show? Pink And White

A couple of months ago, Diamond made an appearance on Fox 5 Atlanta to promote Celebrez en Rose. The wine and music festival made its 4th appearance in Atlanta on May 7. “It’s a place where you can go and have fun, get excited, bring out your favorite pink and white outfits. Dress to impress ladies, and gentlemen!” Diamond said. Certainly, according to the website, the event is a picnic-style party. Musical guests included Mya, Estella, Lupe Fiasco, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Beyond this, Diamond continues to be represented by ISPEAKPR agency and will likely land more deals through The Hart Social. So while Diamond’s isn’t as infamous as some of her castmates, she seems to be doing very well for herself and we’ll likely be seeing more of her.

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