Perfect Match: What Happened To Savannah After The Show

Perfect Match: What Happened To Savannah After The Show

Remember when Savannah Palacio was briefly trending for taking it to Francesca Farago on Perfect Match? Although Francesca could use a call-out every now and again, Francesca has just steamrolled right past The Circle season 2 star Savannah. Since then, however, Savannah has been doing the influencer thing of serving amazing looks and performing popular makeup tutorials. It’s not that she isn’t absolutely killing it — it’s just that she doesn’t seem to be as power-hungry and willing to do anything as Francesca.  The two women have patched things up and moved on. However, it still seems like the Francesca feud is all anyone wants to ask Savannah about. It just seems like Francesca is better at the mean girl game than Savannah is. Additionally, Savannah isn’t willing to waste time with simps like Nick Uhlenhuth or boss around people like Kariselle Snow. So What happened to Savannah after Perfect Match?

Perfect Match: What Happened To Savannah? Glimpses Of The Spotlight

Savannah at a club party event posing on the red carpet

Savannah at a club party event posing on the red carpet (Instagram).

Savannah’s most recent public appearance was at the West Hollywood Edition hotel in late June. There, singer Rebbeca “Becky G” Gomez was named the Creative Director for clothing brand Gonza. It’s amazing for Savannah to support her fellow Latinx content creators. Before that, Savannah’s IG has her at the opening of the Cathedrale Las Vegas, where she met Mark Wahlberg. Neutrogena sent her to Coachella in early May, and she did a special makeup tutorial for people who want to look glam in a mosh pit. If we head back to April, we can see that Savannah travelled to the land of the rising sun. Her YouTube, which she embraces a lot more than your average influencer, has plenty of Japan content. You can find her go-karting through the streets Mario Kart- style, for example.

Savannah’s Instagram blew up since starring in two hit Netflix reality TV shows. She has nearly 600,000 followers.

Perfect Match:What Happened To Savannah? Final Show Thoughts

Savannah has mostly left Perfect Match in her rear view, but she did do an exit interview with Youtuber CourtneyRevolution. As we may have suspected, the way the show was pitched was not what the final product turned out to be. “It wasn’t exactly what it was pitched as,” Savannah says. “The way they pitched it, the word ‘wholesome’ was used.” We don’t think anyone would use that word to describe Perfect Match even if they were being very generous. When asked about Nick, Savannah said, “Nick and I met up. We went out to the Austin city limits and we hung out. I did try to make a genuine connection on the show.” Courtney asked about a moment from the show where Nick and Savannah talked about how “they didn’t know what we did last night.” Savannah’s response? “It goes to show how good editing can be. I was talking about him and I cuddling for two minutes.” Awww, Nick likes to cuddle. “They only chose to highlight the parts where we were talking about the challenges, coming off so strategic.”

So, it seems that Savannah got played both by Netflix and Francesca. When you come at the reality TV queen villain, you best not miss, it seems.

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