Perfect Match: Georgia Cheating and Playing Dom Explained

Perfect Match: Georgia Cheating and Playing Dom Explained

Every reality TV show seems to have its share of messy post-show drama, and Perfect Match is no exception. Our players today are Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) and Dom Gabriel (The Mole), the Perfect Match season 1 winners. Their happy show ending degenerated into mutual accusations with members of the cast taking sides. There are receipts (evidence), timelines of events, and more heartbreak for all concerned. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the drama on Perfect Match: Georgia cheating and playing Dom explained.

Perfect Match: Georgia Cheating and Playing Dom: Timeline

Like all the other couples on Perfect Match, we know Dom and Georgia split shortly after filming. We also know Georgia is back with her ex from her season of Too Hot To Handle. Harry Jowsey’s IG features Georgia prominently as the two ride off on a horse. (Interestingly, Georgia’s IG doesn’t feature Harry at all yet.) Georgia has also posted on TikTok several videos with Harry.

Harry would have an advantage given that he and Georgia live in the same county, Australia, and Dom lives in Canada. They’re also both from the same region, Queensland.

What’s in dispute is what happened, when, after the split. Dom says he found out after a podcast came out with the title, “Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey Fell in Love?!” This is Harry’s podcast, the creatively named “Tap In With Harry Jowsey.” Dom discusses his shock about finding out during this “Where Are They Now” video which caught up with some cast members.

Accounts vary, but it seems Georgia and Dom were in some sort of unofficial situationship before the podcast. Georgia alleged that Dom was having dinner with The Circle: France’s Ines Tazi that night. Additionally, she says that she returned to her hotel room, even though Dom has implied she never came back. Another point of dispute is when Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle) re-entered the picture. Francesca, who was Dom’s partner for the first half of the show, was supposedly hanging out with Dom according to Georgia.


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Meanwhile, Dom claims Georgia was supposedly going to Coachella with Harry and ghosting Dom more and more often. When the cast reconnected to shoot the Where Are They Now video, Georgia says they hugged and talked it out, while Dom says she avoided him. All of this came out just days ago, after the Where Are They Now video became public.

Perfect Match: Georgia Cheating and Playing Dom, Alleged Receipts

Say what you will about Dom, the man knows how to commit to a course of action. The entire sequence of stories taking apart Georgia’s accusations can be found on Dom’s IG. Dom’s receipts come in the form of received texts that make Georgia look really, really bad.

First, Dom shows texts where Georgia mentioned nothing about hooking up with Harry the day of the podcasts. Then, he refutes the Ines allegation by showing that he was meeting with Zay Wilson (The Ultimatum) and producers, not just Ines. Also, he invited Georgia to come along but she refused. Next comes a string of texts where Georgia is texting him asking about his reality TV money compensation. Very shady. Dom dropped all the Georgia allegedly cheating receipts on TikTok.

Dom counters the “hanging out with Francesca” insinuation by saying that Fran apologized to him. Finally, Dom delivers a coup de grace by claiming Georgia has violated her Netflix contract and instructions from Netflix PR by talking about Harry too soon. He also shows Georgia in a very jealous light over his talking to Francesca. And to top it all off, Ines posted in support of Dom, arguing that her relationship with Dom is simply platonic. Coming from voice of reason Ines, this means a lot!

There’s very little else to say here except, good on Dom for finally not being Dom the Doormat.

Speaking of alleged cheating, The Mole co-star Avori Strib claims Will Richardson cheated on the show cuasing the rift in Dom’s bromance with Will.

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