The Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Quarantine Crazy’ (Season 1, Episode 5 Recap)

COVID has cast a shadow over our beloved family. Cut off from the great outdoors and going Quarantine Crazy, The Bradshaw Bunch have to do what they can to make lockdown tolerable.

In the previous chapter, episode 4, the family went on a search mission for a few good men and eventually found one.

Cabin Fever and Quarantine Crazy for the Bradshaw Bunch

The Bunch converges on Terry’s ranch for the early days of the pandemic, forming a wild and crazy pod. They’ve survived a lot, but can they handle being in the same house together, 24-7?

Terry received a COVID test in a parking lot. We don’t see the Q-Tip go up his nose but we hear his loud bellow of a reaction. Luckily, TB tests negative.

The fallout from the Dustin fiasco continues as Rachel discovers that her now-ex Dustin has knocked up his own ex, and they are having a Corona baby. It’s pretty clear that Dustin was double-dipping, double-dealing Dustin!

This calls for some serious laugh therapy, and Terry is right there to build a worm box with his girls. Everyone’s forced to watch as Terry offers to eat a worm for $100. Erin and Rachel are grossed out enough to flee the house, taking their chances with the virus.

Quarantine craziness continues to set in as we learn the legend of a dead child haunting the Bradshaw house. The family speaks of a presence, a coldness and the lights dim suddenly! Alternatively, it could be prankster Tammy, playing with the lights. The family tries a séance with a Ouija board and gets a good scare.

Little Zurie demonstrates her skill with tea parties. She outfits dad, Noah, and Pappy Terry with unicorn horns and pours real tea. As the guys sip their hot beverages they commiserate about not being productive. Noah is leaning towards moving to Texas. This is because Hawaii’s being hit pretty hard by the lack of tourism. The girls go fishing with Louis Vuitton bags, and Jeb and Zurie catch the first fish in the Bradshaw’s on-site pond.

It takes a global pandemic for the Bunch to re-learn that family comes first.

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