The Bradshaw Bunch: ‘A Few Good Men’ (Season 1, Episode 4 Recap)

What does a rebounding Rachel and the rest of The Bradshaw Bunch need in season 1 episode 4? A good man, or a few good men, at the USO festivities.

Check out the episode 3 recap for the details about Dustin ditching Rachel, leaving her devastated.

A Few Good Men In Uniform for The Bradshaw Bunch

It’s another day and another trip for Terry and the family. The USO gala in Quantico, Virginia has requested Terry Bradshaw’s presence. Rachel doesn’t seem up for it at first. The thought of their wives being around a bunch of grunts doesn’t thrill husbands Noah and Scott, either.

A series of military grade goofs and romantic dalliances lighten the mood. Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski nearly outdoes Terry in the foot-in-mouth department. He confuses the Army with the Marines during a speech–twice. The two football stars then butcher “God Bless America”, making a case for Terry and Rob as kindred spirits.

The Bradshaw Bunch could use a few good men right now, and one arrives in the form of handsome Marine Dan. He takes a liking to Rachel after a friendly game of pugilisticks and respectfully requests permission to date Rachel from C.O. Terry. Leave is granted, but Terry leaves clear orders with Rachel to approach with caution after the Dustin fiasco.

Lacey and Erin snap to attention and help their sis with her texting game. They try to be helpful during Rachel and Dan’s date. However, they end up getting hammered and the bottom falls out of Erin’s glass.

Despite the girls being more than a little overbearing- and the looming threat of COVID, Rachel and Dan share a kiss. There is the hope that Lt. Dan will end up visiting Rachel in Texas, but (spoiler alert) nothing comes of it. Still, everyone accepts that the trip ends up being good for Rachel, and we end up grateful for everyone’s service.

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