Love Is Blind: Are Jackelina And Marshall Still Together?

Love Is Blind: Are Jackelina And Marshall Still Together?

With four couples established on Love Is Blind Season 4 and a fifth trying to restart, it’s time to speculate which couples make it past the altar. It’s led to one of the most widely talked about questions on Love Is Blind: Are Jackelina And Marshall still together? The answer is most likely “no” based on an application from the King County Official Records Search website. We have a marriage application made for Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze on April 27, 2022, but no corresponding marriage certificate. And unless Marshall underwent a surprising personality change, we know who’s responsible: Jackelina and some sort of comment about Marshall’s masculinity. Jackelina, who refuses to tone it down, likely will not apologize for whatever she said. Instead, she doubles down and tells him they don’t have sex.

The writings on the wall of Jackelina and Marshall’s breakup. When this moment happens, it will be no doubt hard to watch after seeing sensitive Marshall comfort a crying Jackelina in Tulum, Mexico.

Jackelina opted for someone outside of her usual comfort zone by picking feelings-forward Marshall. She usually goes for tough guys like her other pod interest Josh Demas, and we know that Josh returns to the show to try and scoop the damsel in distress Jackelina up. If you glance at Jackelina’s Instagram, you won’t see a trace of either Josh or Marshall. Instead, on her latest post, Jackie posts an article snippet explaining that she has many tough family responsibilities including a dad with cancer and a brother who just got out of prison. Guess the identity of the man from a Netflix reality show who supports her with a supportive comment? Joey Roppo from Dated and Related — and Jackie responds saying she appreciates him!

Love Is Blind: Are Jackelina And Marshall Still Together? Do They Even Make It To The Altar?

Jackelina and Marshall most likely break up after Love Is Blind season 4

Jackelina and Marshall most likely break up after Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

Again, it’s not smart to read too deeply into a Netflix trailer, but we never see Jackelina in her dress or Marshall in his suit. We don’t see either of their families either. At least one representative of every other couple either shows up in a clip with family or on the wedding day. We’ve had one couple — Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova — crash and burn already, and with this level of tension we might see another. Will Jackelina surpass Irina and Micah as the resident mean girl? Will Marshall reveal a dark side behind his nice guy exterior? And will other couples get caught up in it all somehow?

Love Is Blind: Are Jackelina And Marshall Still Together? Potential Drama Scenarios

We want to support Jackie through her emotional turmoil and it’s hard to hate Marshall for appearing so caring. But if it were that simple, it wouldn’t be Love Is Blind. Jackie is actually being dragged for being two-faced and stirring the pot between Micah Lussier and Chelsea Griffin. Micah and Chelsea have a battle brewing over Kwame Appiah. Jackie telling Micah that she could have stolen Kwame away didn’t help one bit. Jackie was also seen supporting Chelsea, which led to accusations of her playing both sides against the middle. Does dramatic Jackelina live for the messy drama in her own life too?

Then, we have the male aggression between Josh and Marshall. When Marshall heard that Josh was ready to leave if it wasn’t with Jackie, Marshall blew up and confronted Josh.  Josh was clearly caught off guard by Marshall of all people threatening to scrap and we never saw the resolution. Ripped Josh wisely figured beating Marshall in front of the other men would have reflected badly on him. He must have calculated that Jackie would get tired of Marshall and banked on getting a second try. However, if Marshall gets in Josh’s face a second time there’s no telling what could happen.

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